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e. Power to the masthead

Can Hughes Electronics e.Power concept (Ethernet over Power) offer a viable alternative to Fibre to the Masthead at cellular base stations?

The current move to Fibre to the masthead in cellular environments can provide a step change in data throughput but is it necessary Hughes Electronics ask?

When Size does matter!!

Hughes New shielded Cat 6a Plugs for solid cable really do the job!

Anyone who has ever tried to fit a standard RJ45 cat6a plug to solid cable will understand the problem, the cable conductor is simply too big!!!!!

Old Balun - New Tricks

Hughes Electronics re-design dual g.703 balun for added versatility!

Hughes Electronics have improved their dual balun offering to include front and rear bulkhead mounting. The already versatile design, a beautifully compact balun designed to convert 75 ohm unbalanced coaxial signal to 120 ohm balanced twisted pairs, could previously be mounted to 19’’ rack panels and bulkheads via integral coaxial connectors or deployed inline.

PAT Tested Power Products

Hughes electronics are now offering Portable Appliance safety Tests (PAT tests) on all 19 inch rack mounted Power Distribution Units (PDU’s) and other Power based products.


Not just seen to be Green!

Hughes Electronics have added Electric Vehicles to their fleet for local logistics.

The vehicles which have a range of 60 km and carry a payload of 435kg are deployed for local deliveries and journeys within the Hughes Central London Campus.