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AISG RET Control Cables

Tight Spots? No Sweat for Hughes RETs

Hughes RET control cables are compatible with Antennae Interface Standard Group (AISG) requirements and designed especially for harsh and confined cellular telecom environs.

X10 (NEX10™), 4.3-10, 7/16, N-type, 2.2-5 and SMA Torque Wrenches

Hughes break-over torque wrenches are designed to minimise impairment to connections by ensuring accurate mating forces are delivered to transition points when mating RF coaxial connectors.

The unique break-over feature triggers free movement through a 10-degree non-torqueing arc, at the axis of the tool movement to indicate to that desired torque has been reached and assure users of a first-class connection free of over-torque damage.

PosiBox - Clearly a new standard in DC

The latest game-changing product from Hughes Electronics is PosiBox, a brand-new, advanced cable Break Out Box.

PosiBox ends the problem of poor DC connections by evidencing best practice installation techniques at-a-glance whilst keeping DC connections dry and safe from condensation.

RET Pull & Protect Caps

Hughes RET PULL is a multi functional waterproof cap with handy hoist bar.

Ret Pulls make easy work of pulling RET cables through structures of all types.

Simply attach your hoist wire or chord to the handy hoist bar and guide it through your structure with ease.

One Click

One Click

Rooftops and structures can be pretty inhospitable environments for cleaning fiber optic connections, anyone who has tried to clean fiber ferules at height in wind rain, sleet and snow etc. with wipes will readily understand why many riggers give it a complete miss!

OneClamp Does it all!

One Clamp  is the worlds most advanced cable brace, it’s adjustable, incorporates a pioneering 'light touch' aperture and unique de-limiting features that secures cables of all sizes without crushing or deforming them, no matter how strong the linear forces applied.

The newest member of the OneClamp family

NanoClamp; a cable brace for true professionals.

OneClamp, the worlds most advanced cable brace just had a baby brother. Designed with Fibre cables in mind, NanoClamp (One-Clamp-DS) possesses all the genius of OneClamp but has the exceptional ability to secure cable sizes from 6mm to 16mm.