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PosiBox - Outdoor distribution box, pre-wired, transparent hinged lid, functional earth

A tough transparent PC cover provides PosiBox users with crystal clear, unambiguous views of DIN rail setups in an instant. DC connections and safety issues have never been easier to diagnose, DC Quality Audits have just become, simple, swift and safe.

Good quality DC is worth protecting long term too.

PosiBox combines innovative technology options such as a one-way pressure relief valve to stop climatic pressure and corrosive condensation build-up, a common problem in ferrous products. In addition, a built-in humidity indicator signals the presence of humidity and notifies auditors of maintenance requirements.

A further unique option is PosiBox's radical functional earth feature, an external grounding point provides a positive route to earth for system equipment, PosiBox’s dedicated path to true ground ends the problem of Foucault’s or eddy currents (looping electrical currents within the structure.

PosiBox - Clearly a new standard in DC

In Passive technology, it’s the details that matter, Hughes take care of those details!

Features and Benefits

  • Tough transparent hinged polycarbonate cover
  • Fire-retardant and UV compliant with UL746C, Ch. 25 & 57 (500 + 1.000 h)
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Optional humidity indicator
  • Dedicated path to true ground
  • Optional surge arrestor
  • Lightweight design
  • Ideal for use in restricted space applications

Hughes Part NumberDescription
35-HEBB03 Outdoor DC Breakout Box for 3 RRUs
35-HEBB04 Outdoor DC Breakout Box for 4 RRUs

other PosiBox configurations can be supplied by special order


  • ParameterDescription
    Input type

    M32x1.5mm cable gland
    For 2 core cables up to 25mm² shielded power cable
    Cable diameter 14 – 25mm.

    Input rated current 160A
    Internal Connections 10mm² blue and grey power cable
    Output connections 3 x Harting HAN-Modular IP65
    Output rated current

    3 x 40A

    Output cable connection Up to 3 x 2-way Harting HAN-Modular ECO IP65 power connectors with 6mm² 2 core shielded power cable
    Functional Earth connection Universal Terminal Block
    Shield/Structure Earth connection Terminal block with preassembled 10mm² earth wire with M8 crimp terminal
    External Earth connection Brass earthing point
    Enclosure type IP68 polycarbonate enclosure with transparent hinged lid and optional mounting brackets
    Enclosure material Polycarbonate
    Body UV stabilised polycarbonate, flame retardant
    Cover UV stabilised transparent polycarbonate
    UV Stabilisation Compliant with UL746C
    Pressure compensation element

    Compliant with:

    • DIN 40050.9: Protection against water and dust
    • ASTM B117-09: Salt Spray Resistance - 100 hours spray at elevated temperature and pressure
    • ASTM G155-05: UV resistance - 10 days extreme exposure
    • IEC 60068-2-78: High Temperature and RH - 10 days exposure
    • ASTM E96-10: Water Vapor Transmission Rate - Desiccant method
    • emperature resistance: 48 hours at -45°C and 48 hours at 80°C • IEC 60068-2-10: Antimicrobial activity grade 2b
    • UL 94: Flammability of Plastic Housing – V-0 Rated
    Enclosure size 182mm x 180mm x 90mm excluding mounting brackets & connectors
    Operating Temperature -40 °C to +80 °C
    Weight 1.4kg
    Rohs Compliant
    Additional features Optinal surge arrester

  • Download PDF  PosiBox specification