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Product Centre

Info on our Cables, Connectors and Interconnections for Data, Telecom and Cellular Networks including impedance matching balun connections and pre-terminated channels.

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Research & Development

World class leaders in PIM mitigation, we spend countless hours developing pioneering products such as WaveWay and E.Power.

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About us

We are innovators who design, manufacture and supply, in time, on time, every time. Our legendary client care and advice delivers maximum product and budget value.

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Build your own Box

All Hughes Electrical Enclosure products are available with Hughes innovative technology options to allow users and designers to configure economical bespoke units which serve precise and particular needs. Features such as internal/external functional (direct to ground) earthing points are available to provide a direct route to ground for any equipment on the structure to eliminate the problem of Foucault’s or eddy currents (looping electrical currents within the structure) caused by earthing on the structure. A one-way pressure compensation valve is also available to stop climactic pressure and corrosive condensation build-up (common in ferrous products). To signal the presence of humidity and notify auditors of possible maintenance requirements a humidity indicator is also available.


Choose the best connector for your application

Why limit your power, DC design and functionality of your Electrical Enclosures by using the same tired, expensive industry-standard connections? Hughes offer a variety of exiting connector options to provide unsurpassed variable power handling and functionality. You can now build your bespoke box that meets your budget and functionality requirements.

Bastion - Fused at 40A and LED Power indicators


Fused at 40A and LED Power indicators

Rectangular space-saving DC connection for harsh environments with unique built-in 40A over current protection and smart ‘power on’ LEDs (available on 40A connector only). Latch to lock feature creates instant, IP68 secure and repeatable 40A or 80A connections at a remarkable price.

H-Mod - Modular DC or Fibre


Modular DC or Fibre

Rectangular modular connection for DC or Fibre with robust cast metal IP68 hoods incorporating Hughes latch to Lock housing for instant repeatable DC connections from 40A - 200A in challenging environments.

Harting - Snap-in plastic hood and housing


Snap-in plastic hood and housing

Modular DC or Fibre connection with plastic IP65 hood and housing incorporating snap-in locking mechanism resistant to oils and gases. Provides DC connections up to 40A

Ekko - Push-button latching for DC, Fibre or Data


Push-button latching for DC, Fibre or Data

Circular connection incorporating IP67 housings to accommodate DC, fibre or data connectivity modules. A push-button latching mechanism permits lightning-fast installation for up to 50A DC to provide very low-cost DC connections.


Power Plus

PowerBloc is Hughes Electronics DC Power plus Distribution Unit. Designed to serve 5G and beyond and incorporating up to 4 outputs able to serve up to 7.2 kW nominal output power*, Hughes Power Bloc is ready for anything that 5G can throw at it.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased Power handling
  • Lightweight
  • Choice of connector styles
  • Pressure compensation valve
  • Functional Earth

Packed with features

Hughes PowerBloc Incorporates a pressure compensation valve to relieve internal pressure build-up and condensation. Hughes’ internal/ external functional earth feature provides direct to ground earthing for any equipment on the structure

Your connector choice

PowerBloc can be factory configured with 1-4 output connection styles of your choice to deliver 40 – 200 watt output performance and IP65 - IP68 ingress rating*.

*dependent upon choice of connector.

PowerBloc web


The latest game-changing electrical distribution enclosure from Hughes Electronics is PosiBox, a brand-new, advanced cable Break Out Box.

Features and Benefits

  • Clear view of DIN rail
  • Lightweight
  • Choice of connector styles
  • Pressure compensation valve
  • Functional Earth

See DC connections.

A tough transparent PC cover provides PosiBox users with crystal clear, unambiguous views of DIN rail setups in an instant evidencing best practice installation techniques at-a-glance whilst keeping DC connections dry and safe from condensation. DC connections and safety issues have never been easier to diagnose, DC Quality Audits have just become, simple, swift and safe*

Good quality DC is worth protecting long term too.

PosiBox is available with all Hughes innovative technology options such as our one-way pressure relief valve to stop climatic pressure and corrosive condensation build-up, an optional built-in humidity indicator, internal and external dedicated path to true ground and your choice of connectors including Hughes latest innovative Bastion connectors with integrated LED indicators and 40A fuse - good internal connectivity can be established at a glance.



Cable equalising Zone.

ZonaEQ is a durable polycarbonate enclosure with a glass fibre reinforced cover. ZonaEQ has been created by the Hughes Imagineering team to reduce or increase differing cable sizes. ZonaEQ is equipped with 25-35mm² power input, through a waterproof gland, and a connectorised output for 4- 6mm² Dc jumper to allow large trunk cables to interface with Network equipment and vice-versa.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces cable size
  • IP68
  • 40A fused connection
  • LED power indicator
  • Pressure compensation valve
  • Functional Earth


IP68 rated and incorporating a pressure compensation element, ZonaEQ protects an internal equalising assembly from heavy snow, rain, climatic cycling and condensation to keep your DC connections dry and operational.

Lighter and more functional.

Lightweight and equipped with Bastion latch to lock female output connectors (or your connector of choice) to attach 6mm² DC jumpers ZonaEQ provides perfect connections every-time.


LED power indicators

Bastion’s LED power indicators provide alerts of any power continuity faults, improving safety and eliminating all guess-work.  Bastion male connectors also allow simple, trouble-free, and toolless field terminations allowing engineers to create bespoke jumper cables on-site without the need for specialist tools.

Functional Earth

Corrosive eddy currents caused by earthing equipment to the structure designed out by Hughes Imagineers, internal/ external earth connection point option which provides a positive route to ground for any system equipment, preserving the structure's protective coatings and extending its useful life.

OneBox for Fibre and DC

Connect, Latch and Go!

One Box is the beating heart of Hughes Electronics advanced Fibre Optic and DC power cabling concept for cellular networks OptiMod.

Watch the full OptiMod Video

Features and Benefits

  • Minimise overall costs of site installation
  • Minimise installation time
  • De-skill the installation
  • Improve H&S
  • Pressure compensation valve
  • Functional Earth

Reduces installation time by 80%.

OneBox puts IP68 connections on the outside, it’s the industry’s only true black box, plug-and-play connection system reducing installation time by 80% and creating error-free hybrid or separate fibre and DC installations every time.

Made for Harsh Environments

One Box adapts to any kind of fibre cabling system, it’s stomp-proof, weatherproof, dustproof, UV and corrosion-resistant and most importantly, it’s completely hassle-free, no screws to lose, no doors to fall off and no tools to drop - just plug and play.

OneBox for DC and Fibre