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Advanced RJ45 Cat6a shielded Plug

Hughes Electronics new Cat6a copper alloy shielded plugs are ergonomically designed to provide the absolute ultimate in performance.

Successful Cat6a terminations are guaranteed every time with our unique four part design.

Individual G.703 Balun and Balun cables

Hughes Electronics are proud to announce a new performance standard in 75ohm to 120ohm individual impedance matching baluns and balun cable harnesses which supplement our extensive range of G703 dual balun’s and dual balun panels.

Hughes individual balun connectors and cable harnesses have been developed specifically for LTE advanced (e.utra) and Wimax advanced (IEEE 802.16m) applications.

Mains Powered 3amp USB 2.0 Rapid Charging Hubs

Here’s another innovation success for Hughes Electronics – A 3 amp rapid charging USB 2.0 Hub powered directly from any voltage mains supply.

The new design incorporates its own universal power supply that can transform 110-240 mains voltage and deliver up to 3 amps to two on board USB charging ports.