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Hughes Electronics Ltd is a primary supplier of passive-interface and wiring solutions to the UK communications industry. Established in 1988 to bring innovative connectivity solutions to an infant Data Networking Industry, Hughes has evolved to become a centre of excellence in seamless passive communication channel design and a world-class market leader in Passive Inter Modulation (PIM) mitigation techniques. Hughes' ambition is to become the reference point for seamless PIM free cross-media connection and integration.


Include extensive expertise in the physical and electronic characteristics of signal processing in passive communication channels. These core competencies underpin our ability to provide one of the most proficient design, manufacturing and interface supply capabilities in Europe. Our services combine research, development, rapid prototyping and full-scale manufacturing to provide OEM and ODM solutions.

capability2Our central London and satellite logistics facilities provide a full range of communication wiring and interface products. Standard coaxial, twisted pair and fibre connection systems are all available for same-day or overnight delivery. On-time delivery of complex assemblies, cross-media baluns and other performance demanding interfaces for bandwidth-hungry applications are key to our success.

We are founding members of a London Southbank University centre of cellular communications excellence and have concluded a 4 year programme of research into cause and effects of PIM resulting in the development of the "WaveWay", an ultra-low PIM, legacy compatible connection system for Next Generation Networks, and continue our cutting edge research into noise elimination in all passive connection systems.


Our business puts a glittering array of talented technicians and professionals at your disposal, including expert engineers, who provide you with a wide variety of design and production skillsets within minutes of your call to keep your downtime to a minimum.

Our Head Office and local manufacturing are located on the Southside of Southwark Bridge, only 5 minutes walking distance from the City of London, providing unparalleled rapid response support to our nations largest networks and communications infrastructure.

Our Hughes Ningbo office based in the Shanghai area of China harnesses the best and most cost-effective infrastructure and talent for large volume manufacturing.

Our quality control staff are consummate professionals with total commitment to a Zero defect policy and our quality manuals and procedures go well beyond those required by ISO and other standards bodies. Our sales personnel are the most technically experienced in the industry, the keyword for all is ‘Listen’. Listening to our clients and responding quickly to their requirements for virtually any communication need has ensured that our product profile remains innovative and our customers remain leaders in their field.


Glyn Hughes, founder and CEO of Hughes Electronics, was born in a small mining village in South Yorkshire.

The People of South Yorkshire are well known for their honesty and gritty, down to earth approach. The harsh industrial environment has made South Yorkshire people adept at creating something out of nothing and taking care of each other.

These are the qualities and principles that Hughes Electronics have built upon and take great pride in.

Hughes Electronics core principle is that 'problems are just opportunities' in disguise. We can redefine connection devices on reasonable budgets to best meet the needs of the intended application, we operate a seamless supply chain and we take care of our clients and suppliers just like our own family.


Our company strives to create a supply chain of partners who share our vision of giving back to our planet some of the resources we humans have availed ourselves of.

In addition to our commitment to developing more environmentally sustainable products, Hughes Electronics are continually working to improve working practices regarding the protection of our ecology.