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Case Histories



5G heralds a new age for fibre in cellular comms. Hughes signal processing expertise in the all-important passive transmission layer urged the design and development of a fibre optic and DC power distribution system to address the shortcomings of the silica-based transmission medium.
OptiMod is the latest improvement in cabling technology. It’s the only plug-and-play system designed specifically to handle the rigours of the cellular telephone industry and provide reliable, repeatable connections, OptiMod is a robust yet incredibly agile system of interconnecting fibre and DC power passive transmission media. OptiMod delivers high-performance connections for hybrid, separate (DC and Fibre) or mixed cabling layout requirements in the harshest environments that Cellular Telecoms has to offer.


PosiBox is a power distribution box with transparent lid / cover

Auditors noted the problem of poor quality of DC connections and problems of rapid assessment in conventional break-out boxes. A leading network Provider asked Hughes to develop a solution. Hughes undertook a review of existing BOB Box design and within 7 days produced PosiBox to enable instant audits.
The design also addresses innate Bob Box vulnerabilities such as corrosive condensation from climatic pressure build-up by incorporating a one-way pressure relief valve. In addition, we incorporated a unique functional earth feature to provide a positive route to ground for system equipment to mitigate eddy currents.


NEX10 connector for Standard Flex / LCF cable

A major Antennae manufacturer involved in 5G test sites and early adopter of NEX10 connectivity specified ½ inch standard flex transmission cables. Impedance mismatch issues related to the design of the Nex10 connector and ½ inch standard flex prevented manufactures from fulfilling the need.
Noting that Hughes had solved this type of problem before the manufacturer asked the (test site) implementation teams to try us. Hughes impedance matching expertise resolved the problem and supplied perfectly matched cables within 2 weeks.

Smart Bias Tee

Hughes Low PIM Smart Bias Tee

A manufacturer providing masts for street works found the size, performance and manufacturing lead time of low PIM Smart Bias Tee suppliers interfered with delivery commitments to his client- a major Network provider.
Hughes examined the problems, designed and developed a Smart Bias Tee with a reduced footprint and > 10dB better performance than existing suppliers in a time frame that met the end-client delivery needs.


OneLoop fibre managing system

After witnessing poor installation practices, Hughes developed OneLoop to preserve fibre cable bend radius and memory and guard it against stresses from flapping, pinching, micro-bends, twisting, tie wrapping, fracture and more.

Fibre Solutions

On site fibre termination

A Central London rooftop site laid idle for 4 years leaving a major provider red-faced. An unterminated fibre backbone and insufficient Power/length ratio left ASP’s scratching their heads. Hughes terminated the fibres on-site and provided sufficient AC power to AC/DC converters on the roof, bringing the power/length ration back into the regulatory framework.

Fibre Solutions

Fibre Solutions for Hospital site

A leading provider needed to double the capacity of a central London cell above a hospital building. The hospital refused access to the riser leaving the provider stumped Hughes answered the call for help by engineering a bespoke combiner/ splitters, combining two incoming signals into single riser cables and split them back into two signals atop the building.

Frequency optimised Jumpers

frequency ratios

Our research team noted adverse length/ frequency ratios caused a pernicious phase change in coaxial cables. Loss of signal and power left transmissions vulnerable to compromise by more powerful broadcasts. Hughes established an algorithm to calculate the length/frequency conundrum to maintain signal strength and totality.


OneClamp power fibre clamping system

Hughes research team noted that existing clamps carried microphonics from Cellular towers into cables and developed One-Clamp, an adjustable clamping system that adjusts to fit most cellular cable, reduces microphonic induced PIM and loosening from vibrations and tremor, braces up to 6 cables simultaneously and retrofits cables or accessories easily whenever you wish.


Shroud for MBNL

MBNL asked Hughes to develop a low-cost shroud to counter the effects of wind-driven rain, sleet and snow. Hughes developed an alpha prototype in 15 working days. One-Wrap is cheaper, faster and easier than triple taping and alternative boots, fits directly onto connected cables – no disconnection required, fits into limited space environs where taping is difficult or impossible and is adjustable to fit all connector types including 7/16 and 4.3/10. Cost savings to the client of over 30% to incumbent were achieved.

AC extender

AC power extender for Huawei

Huawei required an alternative AC power extender to support the deployment of their equipment during the EE 800 rollout scheduled for 2016. Hughes developed a prototype within 30 days, the solution was approved by EE within 60 days. Cost savings to the client of over 30% were achieved.

The WaveWay connector

WaveWay connector

Hughes set out to develop a connection system to address the problems of connector related PIM. The deliverable was cheaper, faster, waterproof with less PIM


Dust Cap for Telefonica

Telefonica asked vendors to supply a more cost-effective Dust Cap for Jumper cables. Hughes developed an IP68 solution incorporating an innovative humidity warning mechanism - humidity is a source of PIM. Hughes saved the client over 65% on the cost of Caps Telefonica, EE, Three and Vodafone approved the innovative product.

DC Splitters

DC Splitter

Nokia asked Carillion Network Services to supply and install 4 Way DC power splitters in short order. Existing manufacturer quoted 8 week lead time. Hughes designed, developed a Nokia cost-saving, approved alternative within 2 weeks. Hughes DC splitters are now installed throughout the UK in most mobile Masts.

You View provider snowed under


TalkTalk underestimated Ethernet leads for setup boxes Xmas 2013. Hughes Responded by manufacturing 11,000 leads in 2 days in our Ningbo facility and flew the consignment from Hong Kong to satisfy the demand in one week.

USB rapid charger & data switch

USB rapid charger

Man Insurance group commissioned a 3.1 amp USB rapid charger/Data Switch for London desks. Supplier went direct to China for design and supply. The resulting deliverable was defective/ dangerous - litigation was threatened. Hughes redesigned and delivered the product to spec. Man Group were so pleased they rolled out across the UK, USA and EME



Exterior Cat 5e cables were compounding 4g PIM problems for Huawei / EE Our research showed poorly conceived Dielectric materials had changed the impedance. Of 10 manufacturers cables only two conformed -Hughes designed and supplied conforming cables.

LTE 4G impedance baluns

balun connector for twisted pair conductors

Hughes evaluation of an inter-media connection panel in LTE base stations concluded they were inefficient and uneconomical. We designed a balun connector for twisted pair conductors with a quad interconnect cable that improved insertion losses by 50%, dramatically improved cross-coupling and PIM and also reduced cost.

CAT6 Cross connects

Cat6 cross connects

Apple put legal proceedings in train against our client for the supply of non-compliant data cross-connects (with desktop coalition units). Hughes analysed the recipient LAN, diagnosed residual non-compliances and represented the client in legal meetings. Hughes resupplied and installed compliant cross connects, Apple dropped the case against our client and focused on the recipient LAN

CAT5 Telco connector


In a research project, Hughes discovered that off-set connector contact arrays could reduce cross-coupling signals by up to 30%. The innovation led to the design of a new CAT5 Telco connector and instigated a step-change in LAN connector design. Almost all manufacturers now use the theory in their high-end products.



Mitel, a global switch manufacturer, needed to improve their interconnect solution to improve sales. Hughes examined the problem, developed ‘PSTN Pro’ - a flexible plug and play signal distribution system within 4 weeks. PSTN pro was trialled in the UK with great success and has since rolled out in the USA, Europe and EMEA territories.

ADSL Broadband connections


BT rolled out ADSL and discovered an interface mismatch at the local switch. Subcontractor Alcatel asked UK’s largest telecoms suppliers to find a solution. All major manufacturers failed to rise to the challenge. Hughes designed and prototyped an interface in two weeks and began delivery of production units in 6 weeks.

3G Telecoms


Hutchinson Whampoa (later 3) rolled out first UK 3G telephony cells. Our client made interconnect looms for the base stations. Insufficient bandwidth caused cells to fail during pre-launch trials. Hughes diagnosed impedance mismatches, redesigned and produced new interconnects just in time for the official launch, public fanfare and acclaim.

N Type adaptor


SIS (Satellite Information Services) needed an N-Type to UHF interface to launch a live video feed to gambling outlets. Hughes Electronics stepped up to the mark with an adaptor which balanced frequency bands perfectly. SIS was taken over by the Hughes Corporation of America who deployed the same connector in their European Star Wars programme.

Antenna interface


AT&T asked CSA Antenna to design and supply a Wan to LAN sub antenna system for commercial environments. Hughes responded to CSA with a radical homogenised TNC interface and Antenna in one connector product which was deployed in the USA and Africa.

Triple Coaxial Connector


Reuters needed a coaxial connector to fit their innovative mini RGB co-axial cable Mainstream manufacturers couldn't respond in time Hughes Electronics produced prototypes within 8 weeks and production units in 10 weeks Solution carried information to financial markets and Banks worldwide