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Since 1987, Hughes Electronics has provided data and telecom connectivity advice and support to our Clients through technical expertise, rapid reaction, problem solving, prototyping, product development and stockholding. Examples of our service record are:

hughes-06-60029v-reuters-coaxial-connector-smallCo-axial Connectivity

hughes-06-60029v-reuters-coaxial-connectorWhen Reuters (now Thomson-Reuters) needed a coaxial connector to fit their newly designed co-axial cable, they approached all the mainstream manufacturers with unsatisfactory results. Hughes Electronics responded positively producing prototypes within 8 weeks and production units in 10 weeks. The resulting product connector was deployed in every bank and dealing room globally to carry Reuters Financial Information to world financial markets.

hughes-antenna-connection-at&t-TNC-connector-smallAntenna Connection

hughes-antenna-connection-at&t-TNC-connectorWhen CSA Antenna, one of the largest antenna manufacturers in Europe, were sub contracted by AT&T to produce an Antenna system for the roll out of their Wireless Communications systems, they needed a high specification TNC connection system that could facilitate communications from the main satellite dish and transmit to sub antennas for local environments, Hughes Electronics responded with a radical new homogenised connector design that acted as a TNC interface and an antenna for local environments in one simple product. The resulting product was deployed in the USA and African continent systems.

hughes-13-60932-ntype-uhf-connector-smallSatellite Connection

hughes-13-60932-ntype-uhf-connectorSIS (Satellite Information Services) needed an N Type connector to UHF connector interface with specific physical and performance parameters in order to launch their live video service to UK and International gaming centres. Hughes Electronics met this requirement by designing and producing a connector which balanced the two frequencies perfectly and was deployed throughout the UK and their international markets. The same connector was later deployed in the Hughes Corporation of America European Star Wars programme.

hughes-ADSL-Connector-smallADSL Broadband

hughes-ADSL-ConnectorIn 2002 BT were poised to roll out their ADSL service when they identified an interface problem at the local switch end. Alcatel, the sub contractor on the project called upon the UK’s largest telecoms distributor to try and find a solution. When all the major manufacturers failed to rise to the challenge, Hughes Electronics designed and created a prototype for an interface in two weeks, and began delivery of production units in 6 weeks.

Hughes-cat5-high-performance-telco-25pair-connector-smallCAT5 Telco Connection

Hughes-cat5-high-performance-telco-25pair-connectorHughes Electronics undertook a research project with Southbank University into noise reduction in multiple pair (25 and over) Telco Connectors caused by signal coupling. The research lead to the discovery that offsetting contact array could reduce cross coupling signals by up to 30%, the design of a new CAT5 25 and 50pr Telco connector and provided the basis for a step change in RJ45 (LAN connector) design. Almost all manufacturers now use off set contact array theory in their CAT6 and higher performance product.

hughes-3g-network-interconnect-loom-smallOrange Connection


In the autumn of 2003 Hutchinson Whampos (now 3 Mobile Networks) contracted NEC to design and implement the first 3G telephony system in the UK. The system was design in Japan by Ericsson and Hughes Electronics’ client had been contracted to manufacture interconnect looms at each base station. Hughes Electronics were approached in late November after it was discovered that cells were not providing sufficient bandwidth during early trials. With only 3 months to go before and early March launch date, Hughes Electronics diagnosed an impedance matching problem, redesigned, sampled and produced new interconnecting looms which allowed the network to go live on time in a high profile public campaign.


hughes-pstn-pro-mitel-connection-box-patentedA leading global PBX manufacturer, Mitel, realised that their systems would be more marketable if the interconnect system was improved and asked Hughes Electronics Ltd to look at the problem. Within 4 weeks, Hughes Electronics produced a prototype of the ‘PSTN-Pro’ a flexible plug and play signal distribution system. Mitel trialled the product in the UK and have since rolled it out in the USA, Europe and EMEA territories. Hughes product design patent no.001724030-001refers.



In order to rise to the challenge of Energy conservation and control in the built environment, Hughes Electronics started their research into Ethernet over Power cable. e.Power, our latest research and development project is a multi-tasking central control system that offers a holistic, whole building solution to data transfer, energy management and appliance control.Intended to become the ‘central nervous system’ of the built environment the system provides a data transmission ‘superstructure’ propagating data and energy through a combination of power line communication technology and wireless (patent pending).

hughes-external-grade-UTP-Cat5e-cables-Huawei-smallExternal grade Cat5e cables

hughes-external-grade-UTP-Cat5e-cables-HuaweiExterior Cat5e cables were compounding 4G PIM problems for one network operator. Our tests showed poorly designed dielectric materials had changed impedance. Out of 10 top manufacturers only two cables conformed to the standards. Hughes designed and supplied improved conforming exterior cables.

Hughes-Passive-Inter-Modulation-PIM-smallPassive Inter Modulation (PIM)

Hughes-Passive-Inter-Modulation-PIMIn 2012 Hughes Electronics embarked upon a new R&D programme aimed at isolating specific causes of PIM to create a new breed of products that would significantly reduce PIM’s cause and effects. Hughes research has focussed on cost effective, legacy compatible solutions to issues found in current designs, we have investigated the sources of avoidable signal degradation and are currently developing products that provide better mitigation strategies to help resolve the issues and enable higher and more consistent 4G network performance.