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Hughes Electronics Ltd. are fully committed to passing on to future generations a safer and more sustainable world. Our Research and Development program is dedicated to finding more and better ways of developing recycled materials within our current product profile and creating improved and greater sustainable products. Current products in development are e.Power, a radical, new energy-saving and communication system, and Econnet, a high-performance data cabling system manufactured entirely from recycled materials.

Our company strives to create a supply chain of partners who share our vision of giving back to our planet some of the resources we humans have availed ourselves of.

In addition to developing more environmentally sustainable products, Hughes Electronics are continually working to improve our working practices, aims and objectives in regard to the protection of our ecology.

Specific Aims:

  • Cultivate a work ethic with a high level of environmental awareness.
  • Develop a waste management strategy, which accommodates recycling procedures and initiatives.
  • Minimise card waste by recycling packaging materials whenever possible.
  • Encourage the purchase of recycled materials and those, which are suitable for disposal by recycling.
  • Where possible favour suppliers who also have positive recycling and waste management policies.
  • Continue to develop and improve the range and scope of our own recycling schemes.
  • Encourage departments and individuals to take responsibility for their own waste and establish links with the local recycling schemes.
  • Encourage the use of “pedal power” wherever possible, including transport between company buildings.
  • Energy conservation, by turning off lights when rooms are going to be unoccupied, only turn on machinery and manufacturing equipment over a period when it is required.
  • Redundant I.T. hardware to be given to employees and charitable institutions, for re-use and redistribution.

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