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Three and BT-owned EE had filed separate complaints over a proposed bidding war that was scheduled to take place later this year.

Three argues that Ofcom should be stricter with its spectrum caps, limiting EE's spending power and potential allocation, while BT believes that there should be no restrictions whatsoever. The High Court disagreed with both today, believing that Ofcom had done its homework and properly modelled how different caps would affect the outcome of the bid and, subsequently, consumer choice in the UK.

Frequency Optimised Jumpers improve PIM

Length is important (when it comes to cables)

Cable length in mobile base station structures is more important than previously thought according to a new study. Research suggests that standard metre denominated lengths of Jumper and feeder cables are rarely phase congruent (with commonly used frequencies) and can cause higher levels of PIM.

Can’t use it? Convert it!

7-16 Jumpers converted to 43-10 in minutes!

The 43-10 connector has definitely arrived. But reports of antenna’s arriving donned with 43-10 outlets without warning, followed by subsequent deliveries of Antennas sporting 7/16 outlets is putting a strain on the cellular communications industry.

The move to 43-10 is causing confusion and not inconsiderable difficulties as stakeholders are caught out with stocks of Jumpers with the wrong lengths and wrong types of terminations.

London Calling!

Hughes offer hassle free London Logistics Service

London’s burning hot with cellular activity, current Vodafone, Huawei, TEF and EE activity make London the nation’s hotspot for Cellular installations. But stakeholders in London face a special set of logistical problems, traffic, on time deliveries, congestion charge and those impossible to find parking spots can make working in the capital a nightmare!

A hard day’s night

Quality hero deserves mention

Hughes reputation for customer service is well known, unsurprisingly to deliver that service requires a team of professionals dedicated to the very highest of standards so perhaps its par for the course that outstanding work ethics are a regular feature of working life at Hughes.

Don’t Dump Obsolete Jumper Leads - Re-Terminate!

That’s the message from Hughes Electronics who have recently started to offer the service to clients.

"The age of 4.3-10 connections is now upon us" says Chantha, Senior Account Manager at Hughes Electronics, “We are finding that companies are reluctant to hold stocks or forward order (jumpers) for fear that they get caught out holding jumpers with 7/16 terminations they can’t use when the transition to 4.3-10 happens and I think that’s pretty sensible."