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Ofcom is shutting down copper networks - the future is full fibre

Ofcom is shutting down copper networks

The future is Full-fibre

BT’s Openreach has been given the go-ahead to shut down copper networks in areas where full-fibre networks are in place. Ofcom’s decision aims to cut costs associated with maintaining two parallel networks.

ZonaEQ is Hughes newest DC enclosure

ZonaEQ unites diverse DC

Equalise differing cable sizes to provide Network interface


ZonaEQ, from Hughes Electronics, is a DC step-down enclosure designed to provide 35mm² cable input with a 6mm² cable output. Served by Hughes’ unique Bastion connector complete with ‘power on’ LED and additionally equipped with Hughes unique external earth connection, ZonaEq reduces DC cable size and provides a functional earth for any equipment on the structure.

Will the US IC blockade Nuke global tech supply?

US-China trade war threatens worldwide shortage of electronic products


The US IC blockade has caused chipset shortages and availability problems for Chinese manufactures, setting the stage for several industries, including telecommunications, to come to a halt.

Hughes Imagineers strike again!

Hughes DC innovation changes the power game.


Bastion space saver DC connections boast built-in 40A fused over current protection and smart ‘power on’ LEDs. Hughes’ latch to lock feature creates a guaranteed instant, secure and repeatable connection every single time, up to a maximum power of 80A. All these incredible features come in only the size of a mini MilkyWay bar and perhaps best of all, Bastion DC cables can quickly be hand-assembled on-site – no tools required!

UK is 5G Giant in Europe

UK is 5G Giant in Europe

Research indicates the UK is one of the most advanced European countries in 5G


The analyst firm Omdia has through a clever algorithm come up with indices of overall 5G progress: spectrum, launches, coverage, take-up and ecosystem.


The UK is currently ranked 7th in the world and is second only to Switzerland in Europe.