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e.Power, our latest Research and Development project is a multi-tasking central control system that offers a holistic, whole building solution to data transfer, energy management and appliance control.

Intended to become the ‘central nervous system’ of the built environment the system provides a data transmission ‘superstructure’ propagating data and energy through a combination of power line and wireless communication technology.

An Intuitive User Interface displays information and provides energy control from a whole building down to an individual appliance level.

The technology offers an integrated approach to data and telecom networking, appliance control, buildings control, energy management, conservation and safety.

The e.Power system replaces standard power points with multimedia power and data outlets which communicate with a touch screen User Interface. The interface displays information on energy consumption at each outlet and allows the user to control the outlet or program the outlets to turn on and off at pre-set times. The e.power software can recognise appliance behaviour and standby mode or unsafe appliances and auto shutdown the appliance outlet.

e.Power is self-learning, a ‘Smarter Meter’ that provides detailed, micro to macro energy information and intelligently reduces energy waste.

Each outlet incorporates an RJ45 interface providing a secure data network that can bus user data, digital TV, telephone, alarm, surveillance or any digital information around the building, it is an intelligent appliance control system that allows the user to make informed energy decisions and programme his whole building energy and appliance use.

e.Power provides a Local Area Network at data speeds up to 200Mbps, cuts energy use, facilitates the long-awaited intelligent building and provides a unified communication platform for manufacturers of all intelligent devices.

Every building in every city in the world will benefit from the system.

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