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Our DNA.

Glyn Hughes our founder and CEO of Hughes Electronics was born in a small mining village in South Yorkshire.

The people of South Yorkshire are well known for their honesty and gritty, down to earth approach. The harsh industrial environment has made South Yorkshire people adept at creating something out of nothing and taking care of each other.

These are the qualities and principles that Hughes Electronics have built upon and take great pride in.

Bringing our best.

At Hughes we hire intelligent, creative and passionate people who are constantly learning and teaching; we’re technology experts who put our clients at the centre of everything we do. Our culture encourages and supports collaboration, camaraderie, and collective hard work without ego or pretence and our dedication to one another is palpable.

We are engineers, visionaries, data hounds, number crunchers and relationship builders, reimagining tomorrow’s telecoms infrastructure.

Collectively, we’re Imagineers who you’ll enjoy talking to - we solve problems and unleash the power of human creativity to overcome your challenges, and we love doing it.

We’re not yet perfect, but we’re a place where employees can do their best work and be their best selves to bring our clients the best in products and services.