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Hughes Electronics provides a comprehensive range of connector and cable services from design through to prototyping, production, distribution and implementation.

  • Product Design

    In house expertise and Hughes Electronics' partnerships with London Universities harness all the specific expertise and specialist skills that are necessary for product design and development, including electronics, engineering, physics, design and prototyping.

    Hughes Electronics have the ability to redefine connection devices on effective cost/benefit budgets that best meet the needs of our clients intended applications. Whether you have a difficult connectivity problem that needs to be solved in weeks not months or you need to design and build a whole communications system Hughes Electronics can provide a turnkey solution that exactly matches your needs. We are wholly committed to providing excellence in products, people, prices and services. See our case histories

  • Product Manufacturing

    Hughes Electronics have in house manufacturing facilities here in the UK and Mainland China. We provide small scale, high-quality rapid response product development and manufacturing of bespoke cable harnesses in Central London with volume scale manufacturing in Ningbo, China.

    Effective vertical knowledge transfer to our own staff and partners coupled with our policy of using the same Hughes Electronics approved components in both high and low-cost domains provides a seamless high quality, fast response,  lean service to our clients.

    The many creative manufacturing solutions provided to our clients over the years have also led to powerful international strategic alliances with some of the most skilled sub-contract manufacturers and design expertise around the globe. Our manufacturing philosophy of applying the best manufacturing processes and expertise to our client applications, wherever in the world they may be located allows us to bring the absolute best in quality and competitive pricing.

  • Product Sourcing

    Our technical procurement staff proudly claim the ability to source any product no matter how obscure for those clients who have very specific requirements. They leave no stone unturned in ensuring that client needs are met. If a product is obsolete, cannot be procured in the necessary time frame or has simply become too expensive, we will work with clients to fill the gap by building a product or adapting an existing product to fill our clients need.

  • Product Network Design and Installations

    Over 20 years of experience in passive product design and development have provided Hughes Electronics with an in-depth understanding of the core products deployed in local and wide area networks. This experience has provided us with an in-depth knowledge of the best physical methods of enhancing component and channel performance. That knowledge transfers to our clients in better performing and more economical system designs, especially in the most bandwidth-hungry Networks. Hughes Electronics also provide troubleshooting and debugging services on existing networks with inherent design flaws and we work with a number of wide-area communications specialists around the globe to bring our clients the best Network Design solutions available.

    Hughes Electronics provides Local and Wide Area Network Installation services to our clients through our registered installer network. Our Local Area and Wireless Networks carry a full manufacturer’s performance warranty and handover documentation including hard and soft copies of site maps and individual channel performance.

    Industrial, Telecoms and other Wide Area Network installations are warranted according to their pre-agreed environmental and life-cycle criteria.

  • Product Distribution and Logistics

    Hughes Electronics distribution strategy is based on the creation of a seamless end to end supply chain partnership. Our downstream and upstream partners are carefully chosen to work with us in troubleshooting and to ensure that the end-user receives a high-quality product on time at the right price.

    We understand that different types of products require different distribution strategies, and constantly review our approach.

    Our 4,000 sq. ft. warehouse in the heart of London allows us to serve central London on a same-day basis and other parts of the UK on a next day basis.

    Hughes Electronics provides integrated logistics services through Hughes Ningbo, China office and Hughes Hong Kong Ltd.

    Our distribution process is worldwide and includes emerging markets and strife-torn areas such as Afghanistan.

  • Same or Next Day Delivery

    Hughes Electronics are situated on the south side of Southwark Bridge; adjacent to London Bridge and only 5 minutes walk from the City of London and the nation’s largest networking and communications infrastructures. Our warehouse, rapid reaction workshop and offices are ideally placed to respond quickly and provide same-day delivery on bespoke low-PIM jumper cables, data harnesses and any type of pre-terminated cables or standard cables and connectors to Central and Greater London and provide next day delivery to all areas outside Greater London.