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All warranties are not the same - here at Hughes Electronics we recognise that Communication Systems are crucial to success. We all depend upon quality communications and information dissemination.

A product or system is only good if it's working so we not only guarantee end-to-end component level performance of the entire channel but also in the event of failure we guarantee a 24 hour response through our approved systems partner.

Hughes Electronics' 25 years experience in technical product design and manufacture right through to LAN/WAN design and implementation in the most demanding of applications and building architectures like listed buildings and marine environments, coupled with a 24 hour response make us the partner of choice for critical applications.

The vast experience and technological mastery in a condensed, vertical environment means that technical information and problem solving here at Hughes Electronics is instant.

The speed of our service, broad portfolio of guaranteed products and comprehensive support empowers communications infrastructures to facilitate better and faster business.

Our cutting edge solutions guarantee:

  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Value for money

Because we understand different cabling technologies and building infrastructures, our warranties can cover the whole end to end solution.

Whilst many warranties are meaningless, we recognise that a warranty is only of benefit if it actually provides something of value to the end user - we believe a Hughes Electronics is a warranty worth having.