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Hughes Electronics are a centre of excellence in the provision of communication cable and connector systems for the Data and Telecommunications markets, creates and develops innovative breakthrough products for the Data and Telecommunications markets. Our objective is to meet clients' individual performance, environmental and cost requirements. Have a look at our catalogue to find more information about our products.

Product Development

Our design and development team are able to quickly design, prototype and manufacture new connective systems to match unique applications, or re-purpose traditionally low bandwidth interfaces to satiate the ever-increasing demands for bandwidth in the communications arena.

Some of our past achievements include but are not limited to;

  • A coaxial connector for use on Reuters’ mini coaxial cable delivering Reuters information to financial markets and banks globally.
  • A balanced hydra cable that delivered 3G telephony signals on the primary UK 3G network.
  • An ADSL connector deployed in the earliest British Telecom UK ADSL rollout.
  • An innovative analogue to digital PBX signal distribution system for Mitel Networks.
  • A cross-media balun cable for LTE advanced networks.


With over 4,000 square feet of warehousing space located at London Bridge in the heart of the City of London, Hughes Electronics are able to hold stocks of a vast range of data and communications equipment for immediate delivery to the city and greater London. We also provide logistical stockholding and delivery services to those clients who do not have space to, or who do not wish to hold their own stocks.

Our sophisticated inventory and shipping program ensures that our customers receive your products on time every time wherever in the world you may be.

For more information on our past and present product developments see case histories.