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Glyn Hughes, Managing Director

Glyn Hughes - Managing DirectorWelcome to Hughes Electronics, I sincerely hope your experience of our company will match the vision that we all share here at Hughes Electronics, that of a total supply chain partnership providing you, our end partner with exactly the products you need, when you need them at a price that allows you to increase your business through competitive quoting. We all hope that our devotion to innovation and client care will assist in making our whole supply chain stronger, that by taking care of your business, we are taking care of our own business and that of our suppliers throughout the whole supply chain. At Hughes we understand that your problems are our problems, whether you are part of our existing family of customers or, you are considering joining us or simply need a bit of help with technical advice please don't hesitate to contact us. I and my whole team are dedicated to continual product, systems and self-improvement with the sole intention of empowering our customers, vendors and of course ourselves. Please allow me to introduce you to my talented team of whom I am justly proud.

Chantha Ung, Key Account Exec

Chantha Ung, Key Account ExecI wish to make life as simple and successful as possible for all our clients, by accurate profiling of our customer needs, my aim is to use our 5,000 square ft of central London warehousing space and vendor partners to provide the products that our clients need, exactly when they are needed and at the price that provides them with the competitive edge that they need to win more business. I truly believe that no other company compares to Hughes in London for our outstanding and legendary service.

Grzegorz Rymar, Research & Development

Grzegorz Rymar, Research & Development"Our objective at Hughes Electronics is to respond to market requirements, listen to our customers' needs, constantly review and continually develop our product profile to include new innovative, and state of the art products. Hughes’ London location is perfect for our policy of co-operation with Science-based Universities and government institutes in the design of future solutions. I believe that this policy will keep us at the forefront of technological developments and help us to continue to bring unique and cost-effective OEM solutions to our customers even under short run/tight budget constraints."

Jackie Wang, Sales & Marketing

Jackie Wang, Sales & Marketing"Our whole Sales department is committed to ensuring that every client receives a friendly, efficient and thorough response to every enquiry. It is my objective to ensure that all our sales personnel are committed to understanding the products that we supply and ongoing absorption of product knowledge so as to be able to provide user-friendly practical advice and technical information to all of our clients."

Rapid Reaction cable assembly Team

production_team"It's not a perfect world, the most rigorous planning can sometimes go awry, our raison d'etre is to smooth those problems and to get your products to you Yesterday."