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Aluminium performs at last!

Hughes Electronics Research Team break through the ‘Attenuation Barrier’ in Aluminium based cables.

Attenuation, the major problem in aluminium based cables at higher performance ratings, has now been solved thanks to a simple idea developed by Hughes Electronics!A new mix of materials brings aluminium based cable up to guaranteed Cat 6 performance and reduces costs significantly.

Hughes changes shape

After 25 years Hughes Electronics are changing corporate logo.

CEO Glyn Hughes said “Our old logo served us well for many years, but it became apparent that we needed to change”.

Improved test facility

Hughes Electronics take delivery of new lab equipment.

Hughes Electronics have taken delivery of new Laboratory equipment that beefs up existing test capabilities.

Hughes Electronics adds to I.P.

PSTN-Pro granted european design registration.

Hughes Electronics’ PSTN-Pro has been granted European design registration number 001724030-0001 from the Office for harmonization in the internal market.

Major advance in Smart Buildings

Hughes Electronics R&D project enables Smart Buildings.

In response to the environmental needs for reductions in CO2 emissions Hughes Electronics have been developing a power saving system with the aim of providing an energy and communications management structure.