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A hard day’s night

Quality hero deserves mention

Hughes reputation for customer service is well known, unsurprisingly to deliver that service requires a team of professionals dedicated to the very highest of standards so perhaps its par for the course that outstanding work ethics are a regular feature of working life at Hughes.

Don’t Dump Obsolete Jumper Leads - Re-Terminate!

That’s the message from Hughes Electronics who have recently started to offer the service to clients.

"The age of 4.3-10 connections is now upon us" says Chantha, Senior Account Manager at Hughes Electronics, “We are finding that companies are reluctant to hold stocks or forward order (jumpers) for fear that they get caught out holding jumpers with 7/16 terminations they can’t use when the transition to 4.3-10 happens and I think that’s pretty sensible."

Strategic Plan for Mobile Telecoms Centre of Excellence

The Centre of Excellence between Hughes Electronics and London Southbank University to widen its scope. 

The centre of excellence between Hughes Electronics and London Southbank University that spawned the WaveWay and Anti-Pim Dust Cap has been so successful that discussions are underway aimed at widening its scope to create a working group made up of industry innovators focussed on all physical layer transmission infrastructure in order to improve coverage, speed and available bandwidth.

Low PIM Test Loads

Our Low PIM Test Loads Test More Accurately for Longer

Test loads provided with most PIM test equipment are 10 watt and provide only limited use test time before temperature rises skews results. Hughes Low PIM Precision Test Loads deliver 50 watts of power, low temperature/extended use capability and precision testing time after time, and now come with a 2 year warranty.

Bespoke Jumpers

Bespoke Jumpers to Go

Bespoke length jumper cables available overnight

Factory made bespoke length jumper cables will now be available in 2017 on an overnight service from Hughes Electronics.  The service, designed by the Hughes team to solve the problem of riggers needing to deploy ill-fitting standard length jumpers on site due to unavailability of their required lengths aims to provide a next day delivery on orders placed pre-12pm on the previous day.

Flexicore DC cable

Flexicore DC cable

All the benefits of armoured cable but without the stiff inner cores!

Hughes latest product offering gives you all the benefits of armoured cable but without the hassle of the stiff inner cores which can be difficult to terminate. Designed especially with Fibre base stations in mind, Flexicore cable provides an improvement to the user experience of SWA (Steel Wire Armoured) DC cable, especially in unsympathetic environments.