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Another Hughes Innovation for Mobile Telecoms

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Riggers can confidently say goodbye to triple taping at last!

"Anyone who has tried triple taping connections 20ft in the air in inclement conditions will readily understand the value proposition of OneWrap" say inventors Hughes Electronics.


one wrap on antenna blue

OneWrap is gaining universal acceptance as an easier, faster, cheaper and better method of protecting important connections. It can be used on any size of fixed connections in seconds without disconnecting legacy connections and no bungs or size adaptors of any kind are necessary.


OneWrap can be used as an open shroud for vunreable connection points such as attennaes or with a sealing kit for inline protection. It’s re-usable and particularly valuable in limited space environments where taping is difficult.

“It really is a great product!” extolled Carmelita, Business Co-Ordinator at Hughes. “OneWrap is re-usable and it’s adjustable for all connection types including 7/16, 4.3-10, and N Type. It takes only seconds to apply, it really is a no brainer”


OneWrap is approved by EE and Three as an alternative for three stage taping of connections at bulkhead connection points such as Antennaes and Combiners to provide premium protection against wind driven rain, sleet, snow and ice. The open rear structure prevents connector sweat (humidity) associated with three stage taping and its consequence, PIM. OneWrap is approved for use by most major networks as a direct replacement to three stage taping.