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A hard day’s night

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Quality hero deserves mention

Hughes reputation for customer service is well known, unsurprisingly to deliver that service requires a team of professionals dedicated to the very highest of standards so perhaps its par for the course that outstanding work ethics are a regular feature of working life at Hughes.

quality hero 1 minOn this occasion however one of our special team of Quality Warriors has gone above and beyond to become a Hughes 'Quality Hero' deserving a very special mention. All hats are off at Hughes Electronics' very own Patrycja Mantur.

In order to meet the delivery promise we made to our client Patricia decided to do a little overtime, then a little more, then a little more until finally she had worked through the night until 5am in morning in order to meet deadlines and ensure our client received on time delivery. In an amazing display of commitment Patricia turned up at 9 am the next morning in order not to let her colleagues down and ensure the next day’s clients consignments went out promptly. Patrycja your colleagues salute you, you are a true ‘Quality Hero’