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Will the US IC blockade Nuke global tech supply?

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US-China trade war threatens worldwide shortage of electronic products


The US IC blockade has caused chipset shortages and availability problems for Chinese manufactures, setting the stage for several industries, including telecommunications, to come to a halt.

The Perfect Storm

The blanket withdrawal of integrated circuit vendor licences is already affecting Chinese electronics manufacturing with some suppliers stockpiling and panic buying components. Since the lion’s share of electronics is now produced in China, the situation is raising serious concerns for the rest of the world as we also approach Chinese New Year celebrations.


A recent rise in COVID cases, that could paralyze the country amid the annual nation-wide migration and month-long hiatus of Chinese New Year, coupled with the shortage of semiconductors points to the global supply of electronic equipment seeing serious delays.


Even relatively simple equipment such as Hughes Smart Bias Ts and SFPs are already seeing the effects and we are urging our clients to place their orders of all equipment containing integrated circuits as soon as possible.


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