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Ofcom is shutting down copper networks

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The future is Full-fibre

BT’s Openreach has been given the go-ahead to shut down copper networks in areas where full-fibre networks are in place. Ofcom’s decision aims to cut costs associated with maintaining two parallel networks.

Melanie Dawes, Ofcom Chief Executive, said: “Millions of homes are still using the copper lines that were first laid over 100 years ago. Now it’s time to ramp up the rollout of better broadband across the UK.”

 BT's Openreach has been given the go-ahead to shut down copper networks

Hughes are playing their part - setting the right conditions for their clients to deliver the country’s full-fibre future through innovative award-winning fibre distribution solutions that are faster to build, at lower cost and higher quality than anything else available today.

The future is full-fibre

Greg Rymar, Head of Development at Hughes said: “This is the time to embrace new ideas and technologies. We want to help make the UK a world-leading digital economy.” He added: “We are exponentially increasing our fibre offer and capabilities so that our clients can stay ahead of the game.”

With copper networks rapidly becoming a thing of the past thanks to fibre’s lower cost and better performance, consumer demand for better broadband and the ever-rising copper prices inevitably spell out a simple conclusion: the future is full-fibre.