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X10 (Nex10®) – Now available in all ½” cables

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Nex10® direct to the antenna - Another first for Hughes

The acclaimed X10® connector, Hughes’s optimised version of the Nex10®, is now to be made available for all ½” cables making jumperless connections to the antenna practical for the first time.

Whilst competitor companies seem to have shied away from the challenge of presenting such a small connection point on ½” cable, Hughes’s Imagineer-in-Chief, Greg Rymar, has deployed an innovative approach to create another superlative connection solution for the industry.

“The thicker cable means lower losses while maintaining all the benefits of the popular connector design”, said Greg. “The challenge was to retain the impedance through the cable to connector transition point.”

Hughes’s X10® is optimised to offer very low PIM performance and high return loss together with size efficiency for use with the latest MIMO and small cell equipment.

The discrete screw thread coupling mechanism of X10® provides a remarkably low torque requirement to simplify installation, at the same time ensuring very high electrical performance.

“The decision to develop the connector was customer-driven”, said Carmelita Silva “feeder connections can now be made directly to the antenna, saving £££ in installation time and equipment”

Major networks are hoping to start deploying the pioneering design in Q2-3.

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