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London's Burning

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4G & 5G Masts go up in smoke


As the new batch of mobile spectrum is made available for auction, Hughes is ensuring the performance of your equipment doesn’t let you down.

Bogus theories about the safety of 5G technologies have inspired bored snowflakes to bring down the so-called mind-controlling-virus-carrying-immune-system-suppressant technology.

The mindless tinfoil-hat wearing vigilantes don’t stop there, 39 Engineers so far have been assaulted or harassed while carrying out critical work, often recorded and shared to social media using – you guessed it – 5G connectivity.

“The latest conspiracy theories, that 5G is somehow responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, is getting quite costly”, said an industry insider.

Dom Mackinnon, Standards and Solutions Authority at Vodafone told The Wire they’ve lost over 10 masts last month, and Vodafone CEO Nick Jeffery confirming at least 10 more were set ablaze over the Easter weekend, with very few of them having 5G technology.

We would like to remind our readers that Hughes’s research shows 5G is only dangerous if sniffed all at once.


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