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OneLoop is a size adjustable fibre cable defence system that guards against poor installation practices and weather-induced stress, movements and impacts.

Coiled, loose and hanging fibre leaves signals critically susceptible to impact generated micro-bends and twists, signal dispersion and attenuation losses. One-Loop keeps fibre cable safe preserving fibre bending radii and storing cable neatly with no unsightly flapping coils or loose cable.

One Loop is size adjustable, Hughes patented locking mechanism allows multiple Loops to be added together in multiple configurations to store as much or as little cable as required in different space requirements.

One-Loop is a simple one-man operation that engenders best installation practice each loop can be used as part of the one Clamp system or independently.

One Loop sets the standard for managing, storing and protecting fibre cable in the field. One Loop is your protection against Signal loss from:

  • twisting
  • fracture
  • pinching
  • impact
  • poor installation practices

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