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Can’t use it? Convert it!

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7-16 Jumpers converted to 43-10 in minutes!

The 43-10 connector has definitely arrived. But reports of antenna’s arriving donned with 43-10 outlets without warning, followed by subsequent deliveries of Antennas sporting 7/16 outlets is putting a strain on the cellular communications industry.

The move to 43-10 is causing confusion and not inconsiderable difficulties as stakeholders are caught out with stocks of Jumpers with the wrong lengths and wrong types of terminations.

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If your company like many others has been caught out Hughes approved jumper lead conversion service may be the perfect answer for you.

Hughes’ service is an MBNL approved, fast turnaround get you out of trouble resource. Your jumpers are factory reworked in our central London workshop using state of the art high temperature, inductive soldering and IP68 gas tight moulded finishing.

Greg Rymar head of product development at Hughes said ‘Inductive soldering is a non-contaminating method of contactless high temperature welding, it’s absolutely essential in making high integrity, low PIM connections, standard solder joints are used by many manufacturers but are relatively poor quality, contaminative and tend to crack easily over time.

Chantha Ung, executive account manager at Hughes commented ‘Hughes are the only company in the UK I know of with this type of high temperature capability, IP68 moulding and extensive PIM mitigation expertise’ and it’s great to be able to offer our clients this unique service.