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Frequency Optimised Jumpers improve PIM

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Length is important (when it comes to cables)

Cable length in mobile base station structures is more important than previously thought according to a new study. Research suggests that standard metre denominated lengths of Jumper and feeder cables are rarely phase congruent (with commonly used frequencies) and can cause higher levels of PIM.

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Greg Rymar, head of research and product development at Hughes Electronics explains; ‘Industry (standard lengths). Jumper and feeder cables are not harmonised to frequency wavelengths and cause phase offsets triggering phase angle reflections which can be seen as PIM.

In addition each reflection causes a loss of amplitude (VSWR) to the received signal and InterModuluation (IM) becomes more acute as a result of the difference in power between transmitted and receive signals. The more impoverished received signal strength is, the more vulnerable it is to IM and PIM distortion levels.’

‘Calculating overall phase displacement and adjusting cable length to harmonise phase is a must for improving PIM says Carmelita de Silva operations manager at Hughes Electronics ‘ We are proud to be Networks approved to provide non-standard jumper cable lengths which have the advantage of being frequency and phase matched’.

Our frequency matched fast turnaround jumper cables are factory prepared in Hughes’ central London workshop using state of the art high temperature inductive soldering and incorporate an IP68 gas tight moulded finish.

If you would like to be one of the first to see a pre-publication copy of our latest white paper on phase congruent cables please contact Carmelita or Chantha 0207 378 1400