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5G Trials Forge Ahead In London

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Hughes Electronics has been proud to supply components to the nine 5G trial sites in and around East London. But, as everyone involved with 5g knows, deploying the technology presents its challenges Howard Watson, BT CTIO says:

“Deploying this brand new layer is far from straightforward, this trial has helped us to understand and learn how to overcome the significant challenges that we’ll face in the coming years. New equipment at each site is essential to 5G. The trial has highlighted the following key challenges when deploying 5G:

  • Rooftop sites often need significant strengthening to carry the new 50kg 5G antennas – and some sites house three of these
  • The level of upgrade work required can cause delays in obtaining planning permission, and can necessitate repeat visits, which means multiple access requests to landlords
  • Location for 5G antennas can be dictated by the need to stay below regulated power output levels."

Hughes reacted quickly to the live 5G trials in Canary Wharf, by fabricating and delivering customised N type tails within 3 hours. Bradley Middleton, Logistics Supervisor commented "It’s what we do, we are the only company who have moulding, induction soldering facilities and the skillsets to make high performance Jumpers right here in Central London, we were delighted to deliver on time to keep the trails going".