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Management Problems!

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Optical cables are set to lie at the heart of Britain’s superfast cellular networks but bad cable management is slowing downing down signals, incurring losses and under performance.

“The simple truth is that the industry relies on the same old school cable management techniques they’ve always used for Copper” says Carmelita Silva of Hughes Electronics.

“But those old style products and practices aren’t really fit for purpose, they induce micro bends, just as bad most fibre is prefabricated oversized and the excess simply coiled and left flapping about in the wind- and that’s no good for fibre.”messy cables

One Clamp productOne Clamp is designed for today’s applications incorporating engineered polymers to mitigate micro bends and reduce the effects of structural tremor (increase dispersion losses) and incorporates specialist fibre accessories such as the fibre cassette which benignly protects and manages excess fibre all the while ensuring recommended bending radii are not compromised.