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Keep It Clean And Carry On

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A new study suggests that most installers don’t fully understand how important cleaning fibre interfaces before deployment is.

Greg Rymar at Hughes’ responded “Pristine interfaces are almost as important as good termination; time and again I’ve witnessed fibre being installed directly after removing the protective cap off a over connector and believing it to be clean deploying it immediately, perhaps worse cleaning connector end faces with standard alcohol wipes or worst of all deploying connectors that have long ago lost any ferule protection it ever had.


dirty fibre What is not fully understood is that the connector ends can be already contaminated before factory capping or contaminated by the cap and that contamination causes signal scattering. Multiple connects and disconnects of dirty connectors can contaminate clean connectors and result in permanently damaged fibre end face due to the dust particles being embedded in the glass."


To avoid costly callbacks and get the best performance out of the fibre link, it is therefore very important that the ends are cleaned with One Click tool every time.