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Product Centre

Info on our Cables, Connectors and Interconnections for Data, Telecom and Cellular Networks including impedance matching balun connections and pre-terminated channels.

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Research & Development

World class leaders in PIM mitigation, we spend countless hours developing pioneering products such as WaveWay and E.Power.

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About us

We are innovators who design, manufacture and supply, in time, on time, every time. Our legendary client care and advice delivers maximum product and budget value.

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The WaveWay™

Ultra Low PIM Connectivity - An advanced design for next generation applications

Hughes innovative new connector system,The WaveWay™, is a step change in the fight against PIM.These ground breaking connections deliver a simple PIM mitigating, low torque,bespoke field termination that is IP68 rated and legacy compatible to the standard 7/16 interface.

WaveWay™ is a PIM neutral low loss connector that has the ability to 'draw' reverberation based PIM from the system.

The radical non-metal carcass reduces susceptibility to interference, dampens noise and Hughes' ground breaking innovation,The WaveWay™; a superbly engineered wave formed screen which sets a new standard in termination stability and return path efficiency.
Features and Benefits:

  • Zero Corrosion
  • Zero Harmonics
  • Zero Magnetics
  • Zero micro phonics
  • Dampens vibration noise
  • HydroPhobic

  • Ultra low signal resistance
  • No parallel paths signals
  • Non-susceptible
  • No metal oxide Junctions
  • No capacitive couplings
  • Low torque, Hand Terminability


Super Low PIM Jumper Cables

Based on Hughes Ultra Low PIM ‘WaveWay™’ Connector series the ‘FreeWay’ is a Super Low PIM series of jumper leads designed for use in cellular applications.

FreeWay jumper cables are conferred with all the benefits of the WaveWay™ series of connectors, they create a step-change in jumper lead efficiency.

42% of PIM is caused by traditional jumper leads and 90% of all those problems spring form signal transition points between cable and connector interfaces. These problems significantly decrease Signal to Noise and effective transmission rates.

FreeWay jumper cables provide a clean, non susceptible, ultra-low resistance signal path designed to help increase effective data rates.

FreeWay jumper cables can be supplied factory configured or in a site configurable kit that provides simple, bespoke IP68 Ultra Low PIM jumpers within 3 minutes, time after time.

Features and Benefits:

  • Light weight
  • Site configurable
  • Super Low PIM


  • Hand torque-able
  • Superior signal transit
  • Vibration dampening

Uni-Fit Pro

The Universal Connector for All Cellular Feeder Cables

 The Uni-Fit Pro is the only 7/16 DIN style feeder connector the consummate professional needs in his toolbox.

High Precision Dimensional Tolerances

Conceived by Hughes design team to fit all popular 7/8th cellular feeder cables,our 7/16 mechanical Interface is also precision crafted to provide an optimised mechanical fit with all leading brand manufacturer's connector devices in order to deliver premium electrical and signal transition performance.

Accurate Impedance / Low Loss
Hughes accurate frequency profiling techniques provide the Uni-Fit Pro with Low VSWR/Return Loss,accurate 50 Ohm impedance matching through critical frequencies.

Uni-Fit Pro connectors are electro-plated with Hughes resilient tri-metal coating to provide resistance to PIM sources such as corrosion and abrasions, they are supplied with Hughes specially designed multiple choice of o-rings and sealing lubricant to aid assembly and form an IP rated watertight bond with just about any form of 7/8th feeder cable.

Uni-Fit Pro connectors are electro-plated with Hughes resilient tri-metal coating to provide resistance to PIM sources such as corrosion and abrasions,they are supplied with Hughes specially designed multiple choice O rings and sealing lubricant to aid assembly and form an IP68 bond with just about any form of 7/8ths feeder cable.

Fits all standard 7/8th feeder cable including:

  • Andrews LDF and AVA
  • RFS pre and post 2002
  • Ericsson
  • Hughes

Feature and Benefits:

  • Resilient to PIM sources such as corrosion and abrasion
  • Low PIM
  • Low Losses
  • High precision dimensional tolerances

Precision Test Adaptors

Hughes Electronics Low Passive Intermodulation (PIM) adaptors are crafted for all applications requiring high performance RF interface adaptation.

Low VSWR/Low Loss

Low VSWR* through your chosen frequency range make Hughes precision adaptors the premier choice for sweep testing and all other cellular, RF wireless infrastructure applications where exception performance is essential.
*≤1.06 @ 1ghz /≤1.15 @ 2.7ghz

Hughes precision adaptors are designed to deliver dependable PIM levels of <165dBc in addition they are electro-plated with Hughes proprietry tri-metal coating,especially formulated to provide resilience to PIM sources such as corrosion, fissure, fracture and abrasion.

Latest Test Standard Interface
Inner Mechanical dimensions are precision tailored to the latest 2015 S7/16 IEC 61169-53 standards whilst retaining the M29 standard locking for ideal fit and  form in order to deliver premium electrical performance.

Hughes precision adaptors are available inter-series or between-series,they act as perfect port savers on Hughes Low PIM test Loads or all other test equipment and compliment perfectly Hughes test cables.



Feature and Benefits:

  • Resilient to PIM sources such as corrosion and abrasion
  • Low PIM
  • Low VSWR / Structural Return Loss
  • Protect and preserve test ports
  • High precision dimensional tolerances


DC Blocks

Hughes DC Blocks prevent the flow of direct current (DC) and low frequency current surges along the inner and outer conductor of a transmission line while permittng unrestricted flow of RF signals.

High performance DC Blocking with Unrestricted RF Signal Flow
Hughes DC Blocks are manufactured with great precision from premium grade materials to create a best in class blocking device with insertion loss of < 0.1 dB DC blocking capability.Teflon based dielectrics ensure high voltage breakdown stable over wide temperature ranges to effectively isolate inner conductors up to 3000VDC.

Tailored to Your Needs
Custom adaptors can be manufactured tailored to your specific needs on tight lead times,Hughes offer a wide range of adaptors within and between the series,with excellent high frequency properties.All All the interfaces you may need including:7/16,4.3/10,N Type and SMA plus BNC,TNC,Type 43 etc are available from Hughes along with flexible cable stud adaptors for high frequency applications up to 10Ghz.


Feature and Benefits:

  • Resilient to PIM sources such as corrosion and abrasion
  • Interface matching
  • Excellent high frequency properties
  • Tailored to your needs

Anti-PIM Dust Caps

Hughes Electronics advanced Ingress excluding cover for 7/16 and 4.3/10 connectors is an IP68 rated cap with a built in humidity indicator to alert users to presence of humidity.

Hughes IP68 ingress prevention cap incorporates an ingenious built in humidity indicator* that stops dust, grime and water in its tracks and alerts you to the amount of  humidity in the connector mating area.


Feature and Benefits:

  • Transparent cap with humidity indicator
  • Lightweight
  • IP68 rated
  • Easily fitted (no tools needed)
  • Rugged construction

*supplied with silica sachets to absorb humidity

Jumper Cables

7/16 Low PIM Jumper Cables

Hughes super flexible 7/16 low PIM jumper cables are specially designed for GSM and CDMA base stations where higher power handling is desired, manufactured to critical standards of excellence and adopting the best mechanical principles for radio frequency and reliability performance each assembly undergoes two VSWR test processes during manufacture to ensure outstanding PIM performance.


Feature and Benefits:

  • Interfaces are optimised to fit with all leading brand connectors
  • Solder joints are stress tested and temperature cycled.
  • Metal parts are evenly electroplated with Hughes proprietary trimetal surface treatment to retard corrosion, generously.

4.3/10 Jumper Cables

Hughes 4.3/10 Jumper cables are manufactured to the same exacting standards as our 7/16 Jumpers cables but with the smaller IEC61169-54 standard interface to support space reduction at the Remote Radio Unit (RRU) and Antennae head.

The smaller coupling mechanisms make Hughes 4.3/10 jumper cables ideal candidates for base stations where space is at a premium , Distributed Antennae Systems (DAS) and small cell applications.


Feature and Benefits:

  • Excellent VSWR and PIM performance (-162dBc typical)
  • Low stable IM3 distortion
  • Designed for outdoor application
  • IP68 water immersion tested transversely and longitudinally

AISG RET Control Cables

Unique IP68 rated Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) control cables

Hughes RET control cables are compatible with Antennae Interface Standard Group (AISG) requirements and designed especially for harsh and confined cellular telecom environs.

Incorporating slim line moulded strain relief boots for easy installation and optimum signal performance in tight spaces and stress conditions, Hughes RET control cables facilitate quick and optimised adjustment of Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) component systems.

IP68 Rated
Fully compliant with AISG EIA-485 Layer 1 systems, Hughes RET control cables are designed for exceptional ingress performance. Fully IP68 rated, our RET cables are developed to feed data and power from the controller to RET system components in exacting outdoor environments.



Key Features:

  • Slimline strain relief for optimal signal performance in constricted conditions    
  • Exceptional IP68* ingress rating
  • Operates in up to 100% humidity
  • AISG and FS1 Din style compatible
    *Unique Feature


  • Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) applications
  • AISG compliant antenna control units
  • Tower mount amplifiers with AISG interface
  • Control Network interfaces with AISG interface

Flexicore DC Cable

FlexiCore DC cable for Fibre application.

Developed primarily for fibre to the masthead applications Hughes Flexicore is a hydrid armoured DC cable designed for external applications such as cellular telecom base stations.

Hughes Flexicore DC cable incorporates flexible inner cores for convenience and manageability in the field whilst retaining the rigidity and protection of armoured cable.

AC Extender

Hughes AC power extender is primarily designed for use in mobile telephony applications to extend incoming 240 volt power supplies from SWA type cable serving the Huawei 3900A range of Outdoor Plinths.

Approved for all Huawei EE project sites, the module picks up floor based legacy power supplies and extends to Huawei power distribution boards for 48 volt distribution to supply breakers serving BTS equipment.

Hughes handy AC extender makes legacy cable sparing simple on refresh projects on all outdoor cabinets, street furniture and outdoor macro sites.


Feature and Benefits:

  • Rugged construction
  • Legacy cable sparing
  • Simple rapid deployment
  • Approved for use on all Huawei projects



Low PIM Precision Extended Use Test Loads

35 PRPIM01050WR 165 v2Accurate Testing for longer
Test loads provided with most PIM test equipment are 10 watt and provide only limited use test time before temperature rises skews results.Hughes Low PIM Precision Test Loads deliver 50 watts of power, low temperature/extended use capability and precision testing time after time.

Port Adaptors Unnecessary
Our dual port design feature incorporates integral male and female connector interfaces making test adaptors unnecessary improves performance and reduces cost.


Providing an absolute minimum of -165dBc Passive Intermodulation covering the cellular frequency bands, Hughes Low PIM Loads are the perfect choice for PIM testing in lab applications,product design and testing and critical base station environments.

Hughes Electronics Low PIM test loads can be made to order in a variety of interface choices including 7/16, N Type, and 4.3/10.

Low VSWR Precision Test Loads

Good impedance matching is essential for accurate power absorption, Hughes impedance to frequency profiling techniques set the performance standard in power absorption for design and test applications.

Low VSWR and Low Loss
Hughes Low VSWR Test Loads are designed to effectively terminate the line or port by providing a perfectly matched 50 ohms terminanation designed to absorb all incident power with very little reflection in working frequencies up to 9 Ghz and beyond.

Anti-Pulse and Anti-Burnout
Hughes Low VSWR Loads incorporate anti-pulse and anti-burnout,they make the perfect choice to balance out unequal transmission lines and absorb RF and microwave power whilst mitigating radiation in a wide variety of test and measurement applications including lab applications, product design and test and critical field applications such as terminating directional couplers and isolators.


Performance VSWR Dummy Loads

Performance loads incorporate an an anti-pulse , anti-burnout feature,they can be used to terminate any port in a multi-port device that is not in use to improve performance and reduce unhealthy electromagnetic radiation.

Wide Frequency Band and Outstanding Performance/Value
With VSWR of 1.08-1.25 over 698-2700Mhz, Performance loads are matched perfectly to a 50 ohms impedance. Hughes’ Performance VSWR loads offer an industry leading performance/value ratio and can be used in a variety of field operations including;Distributed Antennae Systems (DAS), 3G and 4G infrastructure and Advanced Wireless systems (AWS) where power absorption is required.


Feature and Benefits:

  • Low VSWR
  • Wide Frequency Band
  • Anti-Pulse and Anti-Burnout

Low PIM Attenuators

Hughes Electronics Low PIM Attenuators deliver industry leading performance to value.

Providing an absolute minimum of -155 dBc Passive Intermodulation covering the 698-2700MHz frequency bands, Hughes Low PIM attenuators are the perfect choice for reducing signal levels and critical circuit matching in lab applications,product design and test or field applications such as Distributed Antennae Systems (DAS), 3G and 4G
cellular systems and Advanced Wireless Systems where power attenuation is required.

Your Choice of Interface
Hughes Low PIM attenuators can be made to order in a variety of interface choices including 7/16, N type and 4.3/10.

Feature and Benefits:

  • Less than <155dBc, tested with 2x20 Watt (2x43dBm tones)
  • Temperature range -35ºC to +65ºC
  • Your choice of interface


High Power 7/16 DIN Attenuators

Hughes attenuators may be used to reduce power where it is needed and balance transmission lines that may otherwise have unequal signal levels.

Hughes high power attenuators are exceptionally rugged and remarkably insensitive to environmental considerations such as temperature and humidity.

Feature and Benefits:

  • Wide variety of dB values
  • Rugged Reliability provides years of trouble free use
  • Low intermodulation performance
  • Available as Bi-Directional or Uni-Directional