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OneClamp Does it all!

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One Clamp  is the worlds most advanced cable brace, it’s adjustable, incorporates a pioneering 'light touch' aperture and unique de-limiting features that secures cables of all sizes without crushing or deforming them, no matter how strong the linear forces applied.

Hughes OneClamp DMSpecially engineered materials reduce microphonic induced PIM and loosening from vibrations and tremor.


One Clamp suits almost all cellular communications cables , up to 6 Coax, AISG leads , Fibre and Power cables can be carried safely-all in the space of one clamp making OneClamp the most cost effective brace per cable in the UK.


Using the One Clamp daughter brace and or integrated slot, cables or accessories can be added at any time during the lifespan of an installation without disturbing the original stack.


OneClamp DM1 stack

Features and Benefits

OneClamp advanced design:

  • Adjusts to fit almost all types of cellular communication cables
  • Reduces microphonic induced PIM and loosening from vibrations and tremor
  • Retrofits cables or accessories easily... whenever you wish.
  • Braces up to 6 cables simultaneously


OneClamp DM1 installation

Hughes Part Number Description
27-CL4M211/ADM1 OneClamp DM, M10, 13-29mm
27-CL7M211-0DC1 One Clamp DC, 16mm

other versions and sizes can be supplied by special order

  • Specification
    Cable diameter size 13 – 29mm 1
    Number of cables per clamp 2 cables + 2 auxiliary cables
    Bolt hole size M10 2
    Vibration transmissibility 11.98dB 3           at resonant frequency @25⁰C
    Vibration damping decay (Lehr's damping) D=1.43% 4         at 0-500Hz @25⁰C
    Operating temperature -50⁰C to +85⁰C
    Colour Black with red inserts
    Size 50 x 82 x 29-47mm
    Weight 65g
    Packaging 10pcs
    Main body UV stabilised GF Polypropylene
    Elastomers UV stabilised Ethylene propylene diene monomer
    engineered rubber

    1 - Other sizes available upon request
    2 - Other sizes available upon request
    3 - 50% reduction compared with market leading clamps
    4- 60% improvement compared with market leading clamps

  • Download PDF  27-CL4M211/ADM1 - OneClamp DM, M10, 13-29mm


    Download PDF 27-CL7M211-0DC1 - One Clamp DC, 16mm