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Hughes RET VET AISG Control cables 8 PIN Male to 8 PIN MALE, D Type also available

Slim Line

Incorporating slimline moulded strain relief boots for easy installation and optimum signal performance in tight spaces and stress conditions, Hughes RET control cables facilitate quick and optimised adjustment of Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) component systems.

IP68 Rated

Fully compliant with AISG EIA-485 Layer 1 systems, Hughes RET control cables are designed for exceptional ingress performance. Fully IP68 rated, our RET cables are developed to feed data and power from the controller to RET system components in exacting outdoor environments. 

In Passive technology, it’s the details that matter, Hughes pay attention to those details!

Features and Benefits

  • Slimline strain relief for optimal signal performance in constricted conditions
  • Expectional IP68 ingress rating
  • Operates in up to 100% humidity
  • AISG and FS1 Din style compatible
  • Compliant with AISG Protocol Specification version 2.0

Moulded AISG RET (VET) Cable assemblies

Hughes Part NumberDescription
25-9R42BR221/0.5 RET (AISG) Lead 8 pin Male to Female Moulded 0.5M
25-9R42BR221/01 RET (AISG) Lead 8 pin Male to Female Moulded 1M
25-9R42BR221/02 RET (AISG) Lead 8 pin Male to Female Moulded 2M
25-9R42BR221/2.5 RET (AISG) Lead 8 pin Male to Female Moulded 2.5M
25-9R42BR221/03 RET (AISG) Lead 8 pin Male to Female Moulded 3M
25-9R22BX121/01 RET (AISG) Lead 8 pin Female to 9 pin D Type Male Moulded 1M
25-9R42BX121/03 RET (AISG) Lead 8 pin Female to 9 pin D Type Male Moulded 3M
25-9R22BX121/05 RET (AISG) Lead 8 pin Female to 9 pin D Type Male Moulded 5M

Other lengths can be manufactured as required

RET (VET) Dust Caps

Hughes Part NumberDescription
07-950F1132 IP68 RET Dust Cap Female Black
07-950F2132 IP68 RET Dust Cap Male Black
07-950G1132 IP68 RET Dust Cap Female Metal
07-950G2132 IP68 RET Dust Cap Male Metal

  • Electrical Specification
    Protocol AISG 1.1; AISG 2.0
    Maximum Voltage 300V
    Rated current 5A
    Mechanical Specifications
    AISG Connector A 8-Pin DIN Straight Female, IEC60130-9
    AISG Connector B 8-Pin DIN Straight Male, IEC60130-9
    Data Conductor Type 0.2mm(24 AWG) Twisted pair
    Power Conductor Type 0.5mm2 (20AWG) Stranded
    Total Conductors 5
    Shield Material Foil
    Jacket Material UV resistant PVC
    Diameter Over Jacket 8.3mm (0.326in)
    Colour Black
    Environmental Specifications
    Tensile properties test method ASTM D638-03
    Salt Spray Test Method ASTM B117:2011
    Operating Temperature -40; +80℃
    Relative Humidity Up to 100%
    UV REsistance test method IEC 60068-2-5, Procedure B
    Ingress Protection Test Method IEC 60529:2001, IP67, IP68
    Regulatory Compliance
    RoHS 202/95/EC, IEC62321:2008
    AISG Compliant
    ISO9001:2008 Designed, manufactured

    Cable assemblies with D Type connectors also available

  • Download PDF 25-9R42BR221 - RET (AISG) Lead 8 pin Male to Female Moulded