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  • A centre of excellence for data and telecom connectivity solutions with an emphasis on product quality, design and performance.

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  • The world's first connector designed exclusively to reduce PIM

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Product Centre

Info on our Cables, Connectors and Interconnections for Data, Telecom and Cellular Networks including impedance matching balun connections and pre-terminated channels.

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Research & Development

World class leaders in PIM mitigation, we spend countless hours developing pioneering products such as WaveWay and E.Power.

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About us

We are innovators who design, manufacture and supply, in time, on time, every time. Our legendary client care and advice delivers maximum product and budget value.

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Features and Benefits

  • Minimise overall costs of site installation
  • Minimise installation time, streamline installation practices
  • De-skill the installation, adopt plug-and-play infrastructure
  • Improve H&S, minimise climbing time and use of tools

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Secure connections in seconds

The key to OptiMod’s agility is a brand-new modular connector concept - H-Mod. Like all other OptiMod system components, H-Mod is designed to protect fragile glass fibre cores against the hardships of the cellular industry, including handling and installation by some less than delicate installation practices. H-Mod connections don't need tools, special skills or equipment. A unique positive lock latching system enables error-free connections every time, simply connect, latch and go!

Install power and fibre in a snap

LC fibre and high-performance DC connection modules combine in the same robust cast aluminium IP68 housing to form hybrid H-Mod connectors - One connection is all that’s needed to transmit DC power and fibre to radio equipment, saving hundreds of man-hours in deployment.

Hughes hybrid cables are pressure-proof thanks to corrugated aluminium tubing and spiral steel armouring which provide absolute fibre protection against impact, bird, vermin and other hazards. Over sheathing with resilient HDPE provides superior UV and corrosion resistance.

H-Mod can also house discrete fibre or DC connection modules for use with separate power and fibre cables to support up to 8 RRUs per power or fibre connection.

Hughes Exterior Class fibre-only cable features high-grade low-smoke compounds formulated for harsh environments and like it’s hybrid sister cable, flexible steel armouring for crush and rodent resistance.

Hughes multi-core DC-only cable incorporates full braided shielding with optional functional earth and is available from single to 10 pairs of 10mm2 cores.

Re-inventing signal distribution

OneBox is the industries’ most advanced cabling distribution unit. Setting it apart from all other cable distribution boxes is H-Mod IP68 external connectivity which reduces installation times by 80%. Its black box combi-cable design is truly plug-and-play. There are no tools, screws, doors or tricky connections to negotiate, the user is required only to connect, latch and go for instant error-free connections.

OneBox adapts effortlessly to hybrid, separate, or mixed cable layouts, providing networks with endless system design possibilities. OneBox can handle up to 400A of power and 48 cores of fibre input to support up to 10 RRUs. Hughes’ advanced positive lock technology enables secure, failure-free connections every time.

Specially designed to provide Networks with plenty of bandwidth and scalability options, OneBox and the OptiMod system also incorporate a separate functional Earth and shielding continuity. These unique but important features address major issues involved in the industry practice of earthing DC power to the structure. Up to 70% of return current may pass via the earthed mounting steelwork unless a suitable FE path is offered. OptiMod provides that path preventing corrosion and depletion of environmental protective coatings.

In addition, OneBox incorporates an external earth to bring functional Earth serviceability to legacy equipment where no functional Earth exists.