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The European version of T-1 data circuits. Runs at 2.048Mbps.
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The European version of T-3 data circuits. Runs at 34.368Mbps.
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A term for zero reference ground (not to mention the planet most of us live on).
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Edge-emitting LED
An LED that produces light through an etched opening in the edge of the LED.
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Everything Everywhere joint venture between Deutsche Telecom (T-Mobile UK) and France Telecom (Orange UK)

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Effective modal bandwidth (EMB)
The bandwidth of a particular optical fiber cable, connections and splices, and transmitter combination. This can be measured in a complete channel.
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Effective modal bandwidth, calculated (EMBc)
The calculation of the EMB from the optical fiber
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Effective modal bandwidth, minimum (min EMB)
The value of bandwidth used in the IEEE 802.3ae model that corresponds to the fiber specification.
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EIA rack
A rack with a standard dimension per EIA. See also 19-inch racks.
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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
The ability of a system to minimize radiated emissions and maximize immunity from external noise sources.
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Electromagnetic field
The combined electric and magnetic field caused by electron motion in conductors.
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Electromagnetic immunity
Protection from the interfering or damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation such as radio waves or microwaves.
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Electromagnetic interference (EMI)
Electrical noise generated in copper conductors when electromagnetic fields induce currents. Copper cables, motors, machinery, and other equipment that uses electricity may generate EMI. Copper-based network cabling and equipment are susceptible to EMI and also emit EMI, which results in degradation of the signal. Fiber-optic cables are desirable in environments that have high EMI because they are not susceptible to the effects of EMI.
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Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA)
An alliance of manufacturers and users that establishes standards and publishes test methodologies. The EIA (with the TIA and ANSI) helped to publish the ANSI/ TIA/EIA-568-B cabling standard.
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Electrostatic coupling
The transfer of energy by means of a varying electrostatic field. Also referred to as capacitive coupling.
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