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RF coaxial connector, a durable, weatherproof, medium-size RF connector with consistent performance through 11 GHz. Primary applications are CATV, Modems set top boxes.

Their primary applications are the termination of medium to miniature size coaxial cable, including RG-8, RG-58, RG-141, and RG-225.

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A coaxial cable connector used for Ethernet 10Base-5 thick coaxial segments.
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NA Numerical aperture

The light-gathering ability of a fiber, defining the maximum angle to the fiber axis at which light will be accepted and propagated through the fiber. The numerical aperture is determined by the refractive indexes of the core and cladding. The numerical aperture is also used to determine the fiber

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Near infrared
The part of the infrared spectrum near the visible spectrum, typically 700nm to 1500nm or 2000nm; it is not rigidly defined.
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Defined in copper twisted pair cables as the end of the cable where the transmitter is located.
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Near-field radiation pattern
The distribution of the irradiance over an emitting surface (over the cross section of an optical waveguide).
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NEC National Electrical Code

The U.S. electrical wiring code that specifies safety standards for copper and fiber-optic cable used inside buildings. See Chapter 4 for more information.

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NEP Noise equivalent power

The optical input power to a detector needed to generate an electrical signal equal to the inherent electrical noise.

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Ties things together. Computer networks connect all types of computers and computer-related peripherals
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Network media
The physical cables that link computers in a network; also known as physical media.
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NEXT Near-end crosstalk

Crosstalk noise between two twisted pairs measured at the near end of the cable. Near is defined as the end of the cable where the transmission originated. 

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NFPA 262
The fire test method that measures flame spread, peak smoke optical density, and average smoke optical density. Formerly referred to as UL 910. Cables are required to pass this test and be listed by a nationally recognized test laboratory (e.g., UL or ETL) for the cables to be allowed to be placed in plenum spaces.
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NIC card
A circuit board installed in a computing device that is used to attach the device to a network. A NIC performs the hardware functions that are required to provide a computing device physical communications capabilities with a network.
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NIC diagnostics
Software utilities that verify that the NIC is functioning correctly and that test every aspect of NIC operation, including connectivity to other nodes on the network.
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Endpoint of a network connection. Nodes include any device connected to a network such as file servers, printers, or workstations.
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