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F Type

RF Coaxial connector, The Type F is similar to the Type G except it is threaded rather than snap-on. Primary applications are for cable television (CATV), set top boxes, and cable modems.

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F-series connector
A type of coaxial RF connector used with coaxial cable.
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A type of laser used in fiber-optic transmission. The Fabry- P
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Face Plate

Also known as Bezel or Facia.

Part of an outlet unit that sits on a wall or inset within the floor of an office. The Bezel is the frame or a face onto which you can fix various interfaces to create the connection points needed.

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A plate used in front of a telecommunications outlet. See also wall plate.
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Fanout cable
A multifiber cable that is designed for easy connectorization. These cables are sometimes sold with installed connectors or as part of a splice pigtail, with one end carrying many connectors and the other installed in a splice cabinet or panel ready for splicing or patching.
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Fanout kit
A collection of components used to add tight buffers to optical fibers from a loose tube buffer cable. A fanout kit typically consists of a furcation unit and measured lengths of tight buffer material. It is used to build up the outer diameter of fiber cable for connectorization.
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The end of a twisted pair cable that is at the far end with respect to the transmitter, i.e., at the receiver end.
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Far-end crosstalk (FEXT)
Crosstalk that is measured on the nontransmitting wires and measured at the opposite end from the source. See Chapter 1 for more information on various types of crosstalk.
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A unit of capacitance that stores one coulomb of electrical charge when one volt of electrical pressure is applied.
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Faraday effect
A phenomenon that causes some materials to rotate the polarization of light in the presence of a magnetic field.
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Fast Ethernet
Ethernet standard supporting 100Mbps operation. Also known as 100Base-TX or 100Base-FX (depending on media)
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FC connector
A threaded optical fiber connector that was developed by Nippon Telephone and Telegraph in Japan. The FC connector is good for single-mode or multimode fiber and applications requiring low back reflection. The FC is a screw type and is prone to vibration loosening.
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Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
The federal agency responsible for regulating broadcast and electronic communications in the United States.
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Feeder cable
A voice backbone cable that runs from the equipment room cross-connect to the telecommunications crossconnect. A feeder cable may also be the cable running from a central office to a remote terminal, hub, head end, or node.
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