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Cable modem

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Cable modem

A modem that transmits and receives signals usually through copper coaxial cable. Connects to your CATV connection and provides you with a 10Base-T connection for your computer. All of the cable modems attached to a cable TV company line communicate with a cable modem termination system (CMTS) at the local CATV office. Cable modems can receive and send signals to and from the CMTS only and not to other cable modems on the line. Some services have the upstream signals returned by telephone rather than cable, in which case the cable modem is known as a telco-return cable modem; these require the additional use of a phone line. The theoretical data rate of a CATV line is up to 27Mbps on the download path and about 2.5Mbps of bandwidth for upload. The overall speed of the Internet and the speed of the cable provider

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