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A standard for digital transmission in North America. A digital transmission link with a capacity of 1.544Mbps (1,619,001 bits per second), T-1 lines are used for connecting networks across remote distances. Bridges and routers are used to connect LANs over T-1 networks.
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A 44.736Mbps multichannel digital transmission system for voice or data provided by long-distance carriers. T-3C operates at 90Mbps.
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A carrier that is operating at one of the standard levels in the North American Digital Hierarchy, such as T-1 (1.544Mbps) or T-3 (44.736Mbps).
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A coupler having three ports.
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T mobile UK a partner of EE

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T-series connections
A type of digital connection leased from the telephone company or other communications provider. Each T-series connection is rated with a number based on speed. T-1 and T-3 are the most popular.
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(1) A device for extracting a portion of the optical fiber. (2) On Ethernet 10Base-5 thick coaxial cable, a method of connecting a transceiver to the cable by drilling a hole in the cable, inserting a contact to the center conductor, and clamping the transceiver onto the cable at the tap. These taps are referred to as vampire taps.
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Tap loss
In a fiber-optic coupler, the ratio of power at the tap port to the power at the input port. This represents the loss of signal as a result of tapping
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Tapered fiber
An optical fiber whose transverse dimensions vary monotonically with length.
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TDM Time division multiplexing

Digital multiplexing that takes one pulse at a time from separate signals and combines them in a single stream of bits.

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TDMA Time division multiple access

A method used to divide individual channels in broadband communications into separate time slots, allowing more data to be carried at the same time.

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TDR Time domain reflectometry

A technique for measuring cable lengths by timing the period between a test pulse and the reflection of the pulse from an impedance discontinuity on the cable. The returned waveform reveals undesired cable conditions, including shorts, opens, and transmission anomalies due to excessive bends or crushing. The length to any anomaly, including the unterminated cable end or cable break, may be computed from the relative time of the wave return and nominal velocity of propagation of the pulse through the cable. For optical fiber cables, see also optical time-domain reflectometry.

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Tee coupler
A device used for splitting optical power from one input port to two output ports.
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DuPont Company trademark for fluorocarbon resins. See also fluorinated ethylene propylene and tetrafluoroethylene.
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Telco connector– Also known as RJ21, BT226, AMP connector, Champ connector or Amphenol connector.
This connector comes in 24W, 36W or most commonly required are the 50W (50 pins) Telco connectors. Concentrates up to 12 pair connections. Telcos are terminated by punch-down method.

Most commonly used for telecom applications the standard performance is CAT3 but CAT5 standard Telcos can be provided if required.

This connector will require a housing or Hood see Telco Hoods.

An abbreviation for telephone company.

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