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Transmission media
Anything such as wire, coaxial cable, fiber optics, air, or vacuum that is used to carry a signal.
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With respect to optical fiber cabling, a device that changes electrical signals to optical signals using a laser and associated electronic equipment such as modulators. Among various types of light transmitters are light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which are used in lower speed (100 to 256Mbps) applications such as FDDI, and laser diodes, which are used in higher speed applications (622Mbps to 10Gbps) such as ATM and SONET.
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Transverse modes
In the case of optical fiber cable, light modes across the width of the waveguide.
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Tree coupler
A passive fiber-optic coupler with one input port and three or more output ports, or with three or more input ports and one output port.
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Tree topology
A LAN topology similar to linear bus topology, except that tree networks can contain branches with multiple nodes.
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Triaxial cable
Coaxial cable with an additional outer copper braid insulated from signal carrying conductors. It has a core conductor and two concentric conductive shields. Also called triax.
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Triboelectric noise
Electromagnetic noise generated in a shielded cable due to variations in capacitance between the shield and conductor as the cable is flexed.
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Trirated Cable is a high temperature, flame retardant electrical cable designed for use in panel building. Trirated Cable
is often referred to more generally as Panel Wire, T.R.S (tri-rated singles) or BS 6231 Cable.

Trirated Cable is so called because it meets the requirements of three different international standards: The British Standards Institute (BSi) BS 6231, UL (or Underwriters Laboratories), and CSA (Canadian Standards Association). Combining three international standards in one product, makes Trirated Cable suitable for use in equipment required to meet both North American and European wiring regulations.

This single core cable is described as ‘high temperature cable’ because of the high temperatures to which it is subjected
during the manufacturing process. According to the UL standard, the maximum operating temperature of Trirated Cable is 105
°C. This refers, however, to operating temperature for a specific length of time. The British Standard BS 6231 states that
the cable should have a maximum operating temperature of 90 °C for continuous use.

Voltage rating is another area over which the different standards vary. UL and CSA give Trirated Cable a voltage rating of
600 V, whilst it is rated at 1000 V in the BS 6231 standard.

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(1) A phone carrier facility such as phone lines between two switches. (2) A telephone communication path or channel between two points, one of them usually a telephone company facility.
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Trunk cable
The main cable used in thicknet Ethernet (10Base-5) implementations.
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Trunk line
A transmission line running between telephone switching offices.
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Time slot interchanger. A device used in networking switches to provide non-port blocking.
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Turn-key agreement
A contractual arrangement in which one party designs and installs a system and
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Also known as Machined

Turning is an engineering machining process in which a cutting tool, typically a non-rotary tool bit, describes a helical toolpath by moving more or less linearly while the workpiece rotates.

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Twin axial

Twin axial is the same as coaxial but has two axes under one sheath.

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