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QAM Quadrature amplitude modulation

The modulation of two separate signals onto carriers at a single frequency and kept separate by having the two signals 90 degrees out of phase.

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QoS Quality of service

Data prioritization at the Network layer of the OSI model. QoS results in guaranteed throughput rates.

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Quantizer IC
An integrated circuit (IC) that measures received optical energy and interprets each voltage pulse as a binary 1 or 0.
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Quantizing error
Inaccuracies in analog to digital conversion caused by the inability of a digital value to match an analog value precisely. Quantizing error is reduced as the number of bits used in a digital sample increases, since more bits allow greater detail in expressing a value.
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A basic unit, usually used in reference to energy. A quantum of light is called a photon.
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Quartet signaling
The encoding method used by 100VG-AnyLAN, in which the 100Mbps signal is divided into four 25Mbps channels and then transmitted over different pairs of a cable. Category 3 cable transmits one channel on each of four pairs.
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