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(1) Symbol for watt or wattage. (2) Abbreviation for white when used in conjunction with twisted-pair cable color codes; may also be Wh.
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Wall plate
A wall plate is a flat plastic or metal that usually mounts in or on a wall. Wall plates include one or more jacks.
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WAN Wide area network

A network that crosses local, regional, and international boundaries. Some types of internetwork technology such as a leased-line, ATM, or frame relay connect local area networks (LANs) together to form WANs.

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A unit of electrical power.
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A graphical representation of the amplitude of a signal over time.
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A structure that guides electromagnetic waves along their length. The core fiber in an optical-fiber cable is an optical waveguide.
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Waveguide couplers
A connection in which light is transferred between waveguides.
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Waveguide dispersion
That part of the chromatic dispersion (spreading) that occurs in a single-mode fiber as some of the light passes through the cladding and travels at a higher velocity than the signal in the core, due to the cladding
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Waveguide scattering
The variations caused by subtle differences in the geometry and fiber index profile of an optical fiber.
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(1) The distance between two corresponding points in a series of waves. (2) With respect to optical fiber communications, the distance an electromagnetic wave travels in the time it takes to oscillate through a complete cycle. Wavelengths of light are measured in nanometers or micrometers. Wavelength is preferred over the term frequency when describing light.
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Wavelength isolation
A wave division multiplexer
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Wavelength variance
The variation in an optical parameter caused by a change in the operating wavelength.
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Way- The amount of possible contacts on a connector.  For instance a D9W has 9 pins and therefore there are 9 possible connections.

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WDM Wavelength division multiplexing

A method of carrying multiple channels through a fiber at the same time (multiplexing) whereby signals within a small spectral range are transmitted at different wavelengths through the same optical-fiber cable. See also frequency division multiplexing.

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A unit covering 2G and 3G, also see Broadband

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