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S/T interface
The four-wire interface of an ISDN terminal adapter. The S/T interface is a reference point in ISDN.
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Sample-and-hold circuit
A circuit that samples an analog signal such as a voltage level and then holds the voltage level long enough for the analog-to-digital (A/D) converter to change the level to a numerical value.
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SAS Single attachment station

With FDDI networks, denotes a station that attaches to only one of two rings in a dual-ring environment.

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SC connector
An optical-fiber connector made from molded plastic using push-pull mechanics for joining to a fiber adapter. The SC connector has a 2.5mm ferrule push-pull latching mechanism and can be snapped together to form duplex and multifiber connectors. SC connectors are the preferred fiber-optic cable for premises cabling and are recognized by the ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B standard for structured cabling.
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A cable-testing device that uses TDR methods to detect cable transmission anomalies and error conditions.
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(1) A property of glass that causes light to deflect from the fiber and contributes to losses. (2) The redirection of light caused by atomic structures and particles along the light
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Schuko plug - European mains plug (DIN49441/CEE7). Two pins with two earth points. Nickel plated. N.B. this is the plug used in Europe instead of a UK 3 pin mains plug.

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Screened Cable

See Shielded cable
Screened cable can be a foil (FTP) or braid screen (STP).

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A tool used to mark an object prior to some type of drilling or cutting.
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ScTP Screened twisted-pair cable

A balanced four-pair UTP with a single foil or braided screen surrounding all four pairs in order to minimize EMI radiation or susceptibility. Screened twisted-pair is also sometimes called foil twisted-pair (FTP). ScTP is a shielded version of Category 3, 5, 5e, and 6 UTP cables; they are less susceptible to EMI than UTP cables but are more susceptible than STP cables.

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Also known as PABX Secondary.
Secondary adaptor - Used where a second phone is sharing the same telephone office exchange, PABX extension number.

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A portion of a network that uses the same length of cable (electrically contiguous). Also the portion of a network that shares a common hub or set of interconnected hubs.
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A trade name used by the Nippon Sheet Glass Company for a graded-index fiber lens. A segment of graded index fiber made to serve as a lens.
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In wire industry terminology, a material possessing electrical conductivity that falls somewhere between that of conductors and insulators. Usually made by adding carbon particles to an insulator. This is not necessarily the same as semiconductor materials such as silicon or germanium.
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Semiconductor laser
A laser in which the injection of current into a semiconductor diode produces light by recombination of holes and electrons at the junction between p- and n-doped regions. Also called a semiconductor diode laser.
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