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P region
The area in a semiconductor that is doped to have an abundance of electron acceptors in which vacancies in the valence electron level are the dominant current carriers.
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PABX Master – Also known as PBX.
A white tailed adaptor, RJ45 Plug to a BT socket with a specific wiring. For normal office extensions routed via the office telephone exchange, PABX.

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Bits grouped serially in a defined format containing a command or data message sent over a network. The packet is the major structure of data sent over a network.
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Packet switching
The process of breaking messages into packets. Each packet is then routed optimally across the network. Packet sequence numbers are used at the destination node to reassemble packets.
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Packing fraction
At a cut end, the fraction of the face surface area of a fiber-optic bundle that is fiber core.
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Phase Alternate Lines- A coaxial connector. Also known as a belling lee connector.
A push-on coaxial connector that has been traditionally used for TV antenna. PAL connectors are being replaced by F type connectors as required for CATV, SATV and DTV.

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The signal-encoding technique used in the Ethernet 100Base-T2 and 1000Base-T media systems.
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Part 68 requirements
Specifications established by the FCC as the minimum acceptable protection that communications equipment must provide to the telephone network.
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PAS Profile alignment system

A fiber splicing technique for using non-electro-optical linked access technology for aligning fibers for splicing.

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Passive branching device
A device that divides an optical input into two or more optical outputs.
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Passive coupler
Divides light without generating new light.
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Cable that is of stranded conductor – See STRANDED

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Patch cable
Any flexible piece of cable that connects one network device to the main cable run or to a patch panel that in turn connects to the main cable run; also called patch cord. Used for interconnecting circuits on a patch panel or cross-connect. Patch cables are short distance, usually have connectors preinstalled on both ends, are used to connect equipment, and are generally between 3 and 6 meters long.
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Patch Cord

Patch Lead – May also be referred to as a Patch lead, fly lead, patch cable or RJ45 Lead.
A basic network lead connecting points within any standard network setup. UTP CAT5E/ CAT6 stranded cable terminated with RJ45 Plug on each end, using a straight pin connection.

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Patch panel
A connecting hardware that typically provides means to connect horizontal or backbone cables to an arrangement of fixed connectors that may be accessed using patch cords or equipment cords to form cross-connections or interconnections. Patch panels may connect either copper or optical fiber cables.
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