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V.35 connector, sometimes referred to a Viking connector a type of D25W connector with a very specific pin configuration.

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VA Volt ampere

A designation of power in terms of voltage and current.

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Visual Display Unit
Also known as a Monitor

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Velocity of propagation
The transmission speed of electrical energy in a length of cable compared to speed in free space. Usually expressed as a percentage. Test devices use velocity of propagation to measure a signal
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Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL)
A type of laser that emits coherent energy along an axis perpendicular to the pn junction.
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Very high frequency (VHF)
Frequency band extending from 30MHz to 300MHz.
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Very low frequency (VLF)
Frequency band extending from 10KHz to 30KHz.
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Variable Electrical Tilt is the addition of AISG control system to enabling tilting of the antennas from a safe location on the site.

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VGA Lead

Video Graphics Array Lead. A monitor lead.
VGA is used to define a specific display resolution. Resolution is defined by the number of individual dots that a display uses to create an image. These dots are called pixels. A VGA display has 640 horizontal pixels and 480 vertical pixels giving a total display resolution of 307,200 individual pixels that are used to compose the image delivered by a projector

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A signal that contains visual information, such as a picture in a television system.
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The act of conducting conferences via a video telecommunications system, local area network, or wide area network.
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A telephone-like device that provides a picture as well as sound.
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Visible light
Electromagnetic radiation visible to the human eye at wavelengths between 400nm and 700nm.
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Visual fault locator (VFL)
A testing device consisting of a red laser that fills the fiber core with light, allowing a technician to find problems such as breaks and macrobends by observing the light through the buffer, and sometimes the jacket, of the cable.
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Voice circuit
A telephone company circuit capable of carrying one telephone conversation. The voice circuit is the standard unit in which telecommunications capacity is counted. The U.S. analog equivalent is 4KHz. The digital equivalent is 56Kbps in the U.S. and 64Kbps in Europe. In the U.S., the Federal Communications Commission restricts the maximum data rate on a voice circuit to 53Kbps.
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