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Symbol for resistance.
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Right Angled connector.

These connectors are shaped to sit at a 90 degree angle rather then a straight 180 degree.

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Any channel or structure used in a building to support and guide electrical and optical fiber wires or cables. Raceways may be metallic or nonmetallic and may totally or partially enclose the wiring (e.g., conduit, cable trough, cellular floor, electrical metallic tubing, sleeves, slots, under-floor raceways, surface raceways, lighting fixture raceways, wireways, busways, auxiliary gutters, and ventilated flexible cableways). See also pathway.
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A frame-like structure where patch panels, switches, and other network equipment are installed. The typical dimension is 19 inches.
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Radial refractive index profile
The refractive index measured in a fiber as a function of the distance from the axial core or center.
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Radiant flux
Radiant flux is the measured amount of energy on a surface per unit time.
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Radiation (rad) hardened
Used to describe material that is not sensitive to the effects of nuclear radiation; such material is typically used for military applications.
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Radio frequency (RF)
The frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum that are used for radio communications.
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Radio frequency interference (RFI)
The interference on copper cabling systems caused by radio frequencies.
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Raman amplification
An amplification method using a pump laser to donate energy to a signal to amplify it without using a doped length of fiber.
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Risk Assessment and Method Statements

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Radio Access Network - consist of the RF and transmission systems of mobile telecommunications system providing the interface between the user device (Ue) and the core network (CN).

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A beam of light in a single direction. Usually a representation of light traveling in a particular direction through a particular medium.
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Rayleigh scattering
The redirection of light caused by atomic structures and particles along the light
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RCA Phono connector, RCA Phono is the type of plug/connection used to connect hi-fi and Audio Visual (AV) equipment.

Tip: Usually white and red (White for left, Red for Right) for a stereo signal.

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