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Green. Used when referring to color-coding of cables.
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G Type

RF coaxial connector, Type G is a snap-on alternative to the F Type with 15A continuous current rating. Performance up to 1GHz. 75 ohm impedance so ideal for Cable television (CATV).

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G703 - A BT transmission standard used for various BT coaxial cable assemblies (sometime called Megastream).

Clients should be asked what type of cable and or connectors they want to use.

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An increase in power.
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A fusion splice displayed in an OTDR trace that appears to have gain instead of loss.
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The coefficient used to scale bandwidth with fiber length.
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Gang – Also can be referred to as way however gang usually is in reference to wall out lets not connectors.
Single gang is a one control mounted in a single wall box.
Multi gang is two or more controls mounted side-by-side in a series of connected wall boxes.

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Gap loss
The loss that results when two axially aligned fibers are separated by an air gap. This loss is often most significant in reflectance. The light must launch from one medium to another (glass to air to glass) through the waveguide capabilities of the fiber.
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Gender Changer

A device used to change one connector type to another or one gender to another (ex. BNC to SMA Adapter).

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Gigahertz (GHz)
A billion hertz or cycles per second.
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Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP)
A relatively stiff dielectric, nonconducting strength element used in optical fiber cables. It is composed of continuous lengths of glass yarn formed together with thermally or UV cured high-strength epoxy. It exhibits not only excellent tensile strength, but compressive strength as well.
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MBNL project under which T-mobile and H3G RAN sites were consolidated to MORAN configuration. Project phase one end date 10/10/10.

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Graded-index fiber
An optical fiber cable design in which the index of refraction of the core is lower toward the outside of the core and progressively increases toward the center of the core, thereby reducing modal dispersion of the signal. Light rays are refracted within the core rather than reflected as they are in step-index fibers. Graded-index fibers were developed to lessen the modal dispersion effects found in multimode fibers with the intent of increasing bandwidth.
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A common point of zero potential such as a metal chassis or ground rod that grounds a building to the earth. The ANSI/TIA/EIA-607 Commercial Building Grounding and Bonding Requirements for Telecommunications Standard is the standard that should be followed for grounding requirements for telecommunications. Grounding should never be undertaken without consulting with a professional licensed electrician.
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Ground loop
A condition where an unintended connection to ground is made through an interfering electrical conductor that causes electromagnetic interference. See also ground loop noise.
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