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Work area telecommunications outlet
Sometimes called a wall plate, a connecting device located in a work or user area where the horizontal cabling is terminated. A work-area telecommunications outlet provides connectivity for work area patch cables, which in turn connect to end-user equipment such as computers or telephones. The telecommunications outlet can be recessed in the wall, mounted on the wall or floorboard, or recessed in the floor or a floor monument.
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A collection of workstations and servers on a LAN that are designated to communicate and exchange data with one another
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A computer connected to a network at which users interact with software stored on the network. Also called a PC (personal computer), network node, or host.
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(1) Symbol for reactance. (2) Symbol often used on wiring diagrams to represent a cross-connect.
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Also referred to as Crossover lead.
A twisted-pair patch lead wired in such a way as to route the transmit signals from one piece of equipment to the receive signals of another piece of equipment, and vice versa.

The opposite of a crossover cable is the straight-through cable.

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X.21 connector, this is D15W connector with a very specific pin configuration.  That is to say a D type connector with 15 pins that must be identified and connected in a specific order.

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A generic description for the different DSL technologies such as ADSL, HDSL, RADSL. See also digital subscriber line.
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An optical-fiber connector developed by OFTI; not in general use.
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In fiber optics, a variation on the T-coupler, where input light is split between two channels that branch out like a
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Symbol for impedance.
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Zero dispersion slope
In single-mode fiber, the chromatic dispersion slope at the fiber
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Zero dispersion wavelength
In single-mode fiber, the wavelength where waveguide dispersion cancels out material dispersion and total chromatic dispersion is zero.
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Zero-dispersion point
In an optical fiber of a given refractive index, the narrow range of wavelengths within which all wavelengths travel at approximately the same speed. The zero-dispersion point is useful in reducing chromatic dispersion in single-mode fiber.
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Zip cord
Duplex fiber optic interconnect cable consisting of two tight-buffered fibers with outer jackets bonded together, resembling electrical wiring used in lamps and small appliances.
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Zultys is a manufacturer of telephone equipment and the leads are specific to that equipment.

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