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Intersymbol loss (ISL)
Channel loss resulting from intersymbol interference.
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Intrabuilding backbone
Telecommunications cables that are part of the building subsystem that connect one telecommunications closet to another or a telecommunications room to the equipment room.
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Intrinsic factors
When describing an optical fiber connection, factors contributing to attenuation that are determined by the condition of the optical fiber itself. See also extrinsic loss.
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Intrinsic joint loss
The theoretical minimum loss that a given joint or device will have as a function of its nature. Intrinsic joint loss may also be used to describe the given theoretical minimum loss that a splice joint, coupler, or splitter may achieve.
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Intrinsic performance factor (IPF)
Performance specification whereby total optical channel performance is specified, rather than performance of individual components.
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Intrinsic splice loss
The optical signal loss arising from differences in the fibers being spliced.
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An intumescent is a substance that swells as a result of heat exposure, thus increasing in volume and decreasing in density.
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A device that inverts the phase of a signal.
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Ion exchange techniques
A method for making and doping glass by ion exchange.
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The measure of power density at a surface upon which radiation is directed. The normal unit is watts per square centimeter.
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ISDN terminal adapter
The device used on ISDN networks to connect a local network or single machine to an ISDN network (or any non-ISDN compliant device). The ISDN terminal adapter provides line power and translates data from the LAN or individual computer for transmission on the ISDN line.
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Signals that are dependent on some uniform timing or carry their own timing information embedded as part of the signal.
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Isolated ground
A separate ground conductor that is insulated from the equipment or building ground.
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The ability of a circuit or component to reject interference.
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In fiber optics, a device that permits only forward transmission of light and blocks any reflected light.
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