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Index matching gel
A clear gel or fluid used between optical fibers that are likely to have their ends separated by a small amount of air space. The gel matches the refractive index of the optical fiber, reducing light loss due to Fresnel reflection.
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Index matching material
A material in liquid, paste, gel, or film form whose refractive index is nearly equal to the core index; it is used to reduce Fresnel reflections from a fiber end-face. Liquid forms of this are also called index matching gel.
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Index of refraction
(1) The ratio of the speed of light in a vacuum to the speed of light in a given transmission medium. This is usually abbreviated n. (2) The value given to a medium to indicate the velocity of light passing through it relative to the speed of light in a vacuum.
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Index profile
The curve of the refractive index over the cross section of an optical waveguide.
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A standard for a switched fabric communications link primarily used in high-performance computing.
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The infrared spectrum consists of wavelengths that are longer than 700nm but shorter than 1mm. Humans cannot see infrared radiation, but we feel it as heat. The commonly used wavelengths for transmission through optical fibers are in the infrared at wavelengths between 1100nm and 1600nm.
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Infrared laser
A laser that transmits infrared signals.
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Infrared transceiver
A transmitting and receiving device that emits and receives infrared energy.
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Infrared transmission
Transmission using infrared transceivers or lasers.
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Injection laser diode (ILD)
A laser diode in which the lasing takes place within the actual semiconductor junction and the light is emitted from the edge of the diode.
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A separate duct running within a larger duct to carry fiber-optic cables.
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Insertion loss
Light or signal energy that is lost as the signal passes through the optical fiber end in the connector and is inserted into another connector or piece of hardware. A good connector minimizes insertion loss to allow the greatest amount of light energy through. A critical measurement for optical fiber connections. Insertion loss is measured by determining the output of a system before and after the device is inserted into the system. Loss in an optical fiber can be due to absorption, dispersion, scattering, microbending, diffusion, and the methods of coupling the fiber to the power. Usually measured in dB per item; for example, a coupler, connector, splice, or fiber. Most commonly used to describe the power lost at the entrance to a waveguide (an optical fiber is a waveguide) due to axial misalignment, lateral displacement, or reflection that is most applicable to connectors.
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Insertion Tool

Insertion Tool - A small device (Metal or Plastic) used to insert contact/s into a connector insulator.

Tip: This tool often comes as a combination tool; Insertion/ Extraction tool (see Extraction Tool).

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Inside plant (IP)
(1) Cables that are the portion of the cable network that is inside buildings, where cable lengths are usually shorter than 100 meters. This is the opposite of outside-the-plant (OP or OSP) cables. (2) A telecommunications infrastructure designed for installation within a structure.
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Installation load
The short term tensile load that may be placed on a fiberoptic cable.
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