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A device that combines the functionality of a bridge and a router but can

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BS 6231

BS 6231 is a British Standard last updated in 2006 by the BSI Group (a leading global provider of standards, management systems, business improvement and regulatory approval information).

This standard specifies the performance and construction requirements of electrical cables that are single core, non-sheathed, PVC-insulated and of rated voltage 600/1000 V.

Although many use the name BS 6231 when referring generally to tri-rated cable, this is an erroneous statement, not only because tri-rated cable is approved to two standards other than this one, but also because other electrical cables meet the requirements of this British Standard.

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Base Transceiver Station, the 2G radio equipment at a RAN site

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BTS Jumper

Initial jumper connecting onto an BTS/NodeB towards the main feeder cablediplexor, MRC, UCU etc

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Buffer (buffer coating)

A protective layer or tube applied to a fiber-optic strand. This layer of material, usually thermoplastic or acrylic polymer, is applied in addition to the optical-fiber coating, which provides protection from stress and handling. Fabrication techniques include tight or loose-tube buffering as well as multiple buffer layers. In tight-buffer constructions, the thermoplastic is extruded directly over the coated fiber. In loose-tube buffer constructions, the coated fiber

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Buffer tube

Used to provide protection and isolation for optical fiber cable. Usually hard plastic tubes, with an inside diameter several times that of a fiber, which holds one or more fibers.

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Building cable

Cable in a traditional cabling system that is inside a building and that will not withstand exposure to the elements. Also referred to as premises cable.

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Building distributor (BD)

An ISO/IEC 11801 term that describes a location where the building backbone cable terminates and where connections to the campus backbone cable may be made.

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Building entrance

The location in a building where a trunk cable between buildings is typically terminated and service is distributed through the building. Also the location where services enter the building from the phone company and antennas.

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Building Industry Consulting Service International

A nonprofit association concerned with promoting correct methods for all aspects of the installation of communications wiring. More information can be found on their website at

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Also known as Panel Mount.


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Bundle (fiber)

A group of individual fibers packaged or manufactured together within a single jacket or tube. Also a group of buffered fibers distinguished from another group in the same cable core.

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Bundled cable

An assembly of two or more cables continuously bound together to form a single unit prior to installation.

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Bus topology

In general, a physical or logical layout of network devices in which all devices must share a common medium to transfer data.

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Busy token

A data frame header in transit.

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